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  • SOPE | Touch
    673K 69.4K 163

    "I wish I could kiss you," he confessed, looking over at the ice elemental in front of him after the words are left hanging in the air. "I'm ready to risk it all if you are," there is no hint of amusement, or lying, seen in his dark brown eyes as the words slip from his parted lips. Academy Initia is where elemental...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Lie
    442K 31.7K 44

    "I'm alright," Hoseok whispers to himself, feeling the pain of another cut forming on his body. Now his back, which would eventually become a scar. "I love you," Yoongi mumbles, feeling the sharp pain of a cut on his neck. Everytime you lie, a scar appears on your body. You only find out where when you feel the pai...

    Completed   Mature
  • LIE 2 | Truth
    238K 18.6K 49

    "The truth is I never stopped loving you." Yoongi says with genuine emotion, looking into the eyes of his past lover. The eyes of his sun. "Please tell me it's a lie, that you're joking." Hoseok pleas, his eyes glossy and heart aching as he looks at the elder male. Its been almost 4 years since Yoongi and Hoseok las...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Blood Rose
    855K 57K 87

    "Why are you so obsessed with roses?" "Because, all roses have their own story, all colors have their own symbolism." "What rose am I to you?" "My Blood Rose." Min Yoongi, a 23 year old male whos had a pretty average life, besides the terrible family and messed up past. Though when his bestfriend, Kim SeokJin, gets...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Synced
    868K 50.6K 48

    "I DID NOT DESCRIBE A PRICK AS MY PARTNER, AND ESPECIALLY NOT A GUY!" Hoseok yelled, standing up. "I DIDN'T DESCRIBE A HAPPY FREAK!" Yoongi yelled getting up as well, "This is a mistake!" Jung Hoseok never hurt anybody, and he never asked to be synced to someone who is his polar opposite. Same goes for Min Yoongi, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • SYNCED 2 | Sejun's Return
    168K 12.6K 42

    "He's Back, and he is not going to stop till he gets what he wants!" Hoseok and Yoongi have been living peacefully, they've had their troubles here and there for the last 5 years but nothing will compare to the RETURN of their worst nightmare. SYNCED BOOK 2! YOU MAY BE CONFUSED IF YOU HAD NOT READ SYNCED. ART BY @sat...

    Completed   Mature
  • SYNCED 3 | Erased Sync
    151K 12.4K 46

    ~"I swear on everything Sung, I saw him!" Jimin almost yelled, his boyfriend not believing him. "It could be the grei-" "I talked to him, and he said his name was Hoseok!" Ilsung stayed quiet, alarm written on his features. ~ Its been 3 years since his death, and three years since the twins, Misun and Jihoon, were bo...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Addicted
    1.1M 62.2K 71

    "We're all addicted to something," Hoseok says, leaning closer to the expressionless male. "Mine, now, just happens to be you." In which Jung Hoseok is a raging sex addict and fucks any human he sees. Min Yoongi is a masochist, someone who gets pleasure off of humiliation and pain when in bed. Yoongi doesn't know it...

    Completed   Mature
  • NAMJIN/SOPE | Controllers
    287K 22.1K 53

    "Y-you're a controller!" Jin stuttered, the male before him only smirked. "Oh sweetie," he ran his finger along Jins bottom lip, "I'm way more then just that." Namjoon is a controller, creatures that are looked down upon in the world he lives in. Jin is a normal human, or so he thinks, and knows well about Controllers...

    Completed   Mature
  • CONTROLLERS 2 | Holders
    84.8K 6.8K 41

    DISCONTINUED "Our biggest problem right now are Holders, and you two dumb asses seem to be dating our biggest problem." "Call me a dumbass one for time and I'll shove a spoon in your eye!" Jin, Hoseok, and Nari return home to Seoul, permanently, after 5 and a half years of being gone; the three had been fighting for...