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  • Nicole & Jayden
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    Just for fun😉

  • Loving Mr. CEO
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    After being left at the alter, shattered and heart broken, Cade Chesterfield vowed to never be involved with any other woman. Mabel Holland was never one to stick around, she was the kind of girl who jumped from one particular place to another, but when she got hooked with a really huge debt, she decided to head back...

  • Dating Mr. CEO
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    {COMPLETED} He was a narcissistic bastard! A man without a heart, devilishly handsome! The sweetest face with the dirtiest character! He was Elroy Chesterfield, My friggin boyfriend. Forced to pretend to the world that she was in a happy relationship with one of the richest man to ever exist, Fay Handerson is driven t...

  • Hades
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    Dared to resurrect their dead Dean back to life on Halloween, Demuriel and Garth found themselves in Baden Falls Cemetery, with an internet spell book, given to them by Landon, a mutual friend. But things didn't go exactly as planned when the infamous Greek god Hades, winds up rising up in place of their dead Dean. ST...