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  • Memes | Min Yoongi ✓
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    "Oh fuck did we just start a meme war on Snapchat?" "Technically, you did because you got mad at me for leaving you on open, but may the odds be ever in your favor."

  • virgin mom| myg
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    "stop talking to my mommy or my dad's gonna get you." credit @trashjar #1 in fanfiction august 15, 2016 - august 28, 2016 [same day as agust d debut!]

  • love at first smell | m.yoongi
    282 16 1

    apparently y/n is sensitive to smell and she hates very strong scents and prefers softer ones, like vanilla. what happens if she fell in love with a cold guy just because of his perfume? moreover, she is pushed to get marry soon by her mother. "oh my! you smell like vanilla! i love you" "girl you're crazy! go away ew...

  • ʏᴏᴜɴɢ, yoongi.
    43.5K 2.1K 17

    ❝ live your life how the fuck you want, we're young for christ's sake!.❞ a yoongi fanfiction, & a sequel to cozy. © jeonscoffee 2017

  • HIS: Kitten (Yoongi) | {Book 1} ✔️
    430K 13.4K 28

    [HIS: Kitten] Book 1 of HIS SERIES "My one and only kitten." -COMPLETED 2/4/2018 Copyright © DECEMBER 2017 by HAHA KIM 290K, April 2019 300K, May 2019 345K, August 2019 430K, April 2020

    Completed   Mature
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    Suddenly a mysterious gangster leader man kissed you without any explanation, took you back to his place for protection and you became his monster in no time.

  • syringe • myg
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    "I bet you will choose my lips over those drugs. My lips won't harm you babe"

  • cafe - yoongi
    60.2K 3.7K 6

    ❝ you know, i actually stay back for night shift just to see you. ❞

  • Min Yoon Gi (Suga) x Reader: Arranged Marriage
    187K 5.7K 22

    You were raised by your grandparents in a small town. Before turning fifteen, you were summoned to meet your real family. At the age of seventeen, you are put into an arranged marriage with a someone you barely know. You are part of a super rich family that your grandfather founded and your father currently runs. Yo...

  • Badboy
    61.3K 1.3K 33

    "𝚒 may look like an idiot for being in love with you, but i don't fucking care about it as long as it's you, i'm willing to be an idiot just to have you.." @yourserenityyy -sorry if there are some mistakes there everyone! please correct me if i'm wrong

  • Bad Couple | Yoongi FF
    978K 29K 55

    Y/N, the bad gal who's nickname is Harley Quinn. She's majoring in Dance while her worse enemy Min Yoongi "the bad boy" from school is majoring in Music. Both attend a college of Arts & Music. This year it's the last one before they graduate but it won't be easy when they become "Roommates." ~~~~~~~ "Min Fucking Yoon...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy | myg ✔
    144K 3.1K 62

    ❝You changed me Y/N, You changed all about me❞ - It is odd when a badboy all of sudden change into the opposite of it only because of a girl he inlove with. She moved to a new town with her family of three. The weird things is, her bestfriend, eunhee, had a suprise for her when she's at the new school. She always thi...

  • 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫; 𝐦.𝐲𝐠 ✓
    140K 8.2K 43

    only strangers in dramas make you wash their shirts after spilling coffee yoongi as your student teacher with a huge attitude, and you work at a daycare where his baby brother goes. [ completed ] started: 11-22-2018 ended: 01-14-2019

  • First Love | Min Yoongi
    139K 6.1K 23

    "All I can say is that you were my First love..." Date started: 12/07/16 Ended: 12/19/16

  • Again? | Yoongi (Discontinued)
    5.6K 280 11

    "Once more, please?" And that's how we became more than just friends... we became friends with benefits.

  • single wife| myg
    443K 23.5K 81

    "-you've only meet one side of me...I'd like to introduce the rest." 「sequel to virgin mom」 #246 in fanfiction april 27 2017

  • Witness | MYG
    122K 5.8K 27

    You are the only witness left alive .

  • soft - m. yoongi
    330K 13.2K 56

    ♡ ❝ why do you call me gigi bear? ❞ ❝ because you're soft, just like a teddy bear. ❞ mafia/killer au a min yoongi short story by lavenderow ✨ milestones ✨ [ 12/18 ] #1 [ #romancefanfiction ]

  • bf material | m.yoongi
    424K 20.1K 28

    ☾ yoongi is boyfriend material but hes friendzoned ☽ [ completed ]

  • bang bang {min yoongi}
    1.9M 77.5K 72

    things seem to be back to normal, things seem to be going great. but if you take a deeper look, everything's falling apart at the seams. at least she's got the love of her life by her side. for a while at least... part two

  • Desire || Min Yoongi <<Book 2>>
    126K 4.6K 42

    When he decided it was time to tell her. -------------------- Yoongi ff.

    Completed   Mature
  • Career [ Myg x Reader ]
    1.8K 60 20

    A story about a Los Angeles girl fresh out of college, who meets a daunting yet intriguing guy through her dream job as a recording studio producer. His backstory and mysterious personality reel her in, but what does the future hold? Two different pathways, two different stories, two different careers. But it's true w...

  • losing you {min yoongi}
    1.5M 64.5K 81

    trust me, it gets worse. title creds: @infinitychau part three

  • Wrong Messages | Yoongi
    347K 10.2K 46

    A girl sent a wrong message to an unknown number. [Formerly Texting Min Yoongi] A Yoongi X Reader Fanfic

  • a ticket to the sun ∙ myg ✓
    33.2K 2K 30

    ➵ r18+! dystopia au ∙ min yoongi ; in a world where your life is determined by a piece of paper on a monthly basis, love is practically impossible. but there's always an exception, and with that exception, there comes a price.

    Completed   Mature
  • Social status | MYG
    256K 17.1K 27

    I get it . We are of different levels :( Short story - Taemeaway

  • Waves Crashed || MYG
    177K 4K 17

    [Sequel of Waves Crashing] [+18] >>>> "Never replace first place to second place. I'll be your first in everything you do." >>>> Created: 9/18/18

  • Agust D.addy || myg
    222K 7.6K 21

    CEO! Yoongi where he is the boss of the ideal girl who is a perfectionist like him but things take a turn when she realises he's not who she thought he was...

  • thirsty // myg
    70.1K 2.2K 10

    "im thirsty.. thirsty for your blood."

  • Waves Crashing || MYG✔️
    453K 8.5K 21

    [SMUT RELATED] [+18][Read at your own risk] "First sex always comes with a kiss." [This book contains private chapters] Book created: 5/3/2018