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  • First Love -P.J.M
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    [ON HOLD] He's 26. I'm 17. They tell me I don't know what love is. But I'm certain he's my first love. ~~~ Love can either make or ruin a girl. Whatever the truth is, Park Jimin will be the end of me. WARNING: mature content, age difference/gap, read at your own risk.

  • 13 years apart | m.yg {editing}
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    you and yoongi had a 13 year age gap, yet were madly in love, would it really work? *lowercase intended*

  • Living With BTS? [DISCONTINUED]
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    This is fiction sooo ages are: Minyeon: 18 Jungkook: 19 Taehyung: 20 Jimin: 20 Namjoon: 21 Hoseok: 21 Yoongi: 22 Jin: 23 This story contains: Mentions of abuse Fluff Smut Kinky stuff Age gap Polyamory ddlg/ddlb