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  • Masters of Illusion
    483 98 10

    [Fox Universe - Earth-F comics] Chosen at a young age by the great lamas of the City of Flames, Jean Leblanc was plucked from 1930 Canada and whisked away to Tibet. Taught alongside other young monks, such as his "brother", Sonam, he became skilled at the art of illusionary magic. Sonam, too, learned illusions but ins...

  • City of Flames
    124 22 5

    The City of Flames is an important location on Earth-F, connected to many heroes of the golden age. Right from the start, thousands of years before Christ, the warrior Lamas of the City of Flames have led the fight against the forces of darkness trying to break through to Earth from the Realm Beyond (otherwise known a...

  • Shhh! Scribbler at Work
    1.9K 326 55

    In 2018, here's another collection of flash fiction (and non-fiction) tales written for the purpose-designed 'Weekend Writein prompts', challenging writers to produce around 500 word stories each time we choose to join the party.

  • Impractical Encounter
    1K 280 27

    What would you do for the only person who's stuck by your side and supported you through your toughest of times? What if that person had given up their own fight? Could the gift you give make them change their mind? If it did, would that be enough to save them? Or would they still succumb to the consequences of their...

  • V.W Wars...
    485 106 9

    the retelling of the virus wars of 2022

  • Love under the Weeping Willow
    59 6 7

    Forbidden lovers meet under the magically glimmering lights of the Weeping Willow tree. Their love is great and pure, their future together to be undoubtedly full of happiness until the end. Their fate is to be decided in one night of passion and destruction. Will Julia's broken, over-protective and abusive father des...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tales from Earth-F
    1.3K 170 31

    Welcome to the Fox Universe - Earth-F is where the heroes of the public domain 1930's-1950's Fox Features dwell. In Tales, read flash fics and short continued stories about such characters as The Immortal Gunslinger, Domino, The legacy of the Black Fury, Thruster Platinum, The Legion of Time and others. Tales from Ear...

  • Star Forged - Gifting #5
    17.7K 1.4K 38

    Macera Mitchell is having one hell of a year. Fired was one thing, but failing as an underground lounge singer would cost her gran's home. She sure as hell didn't expect to add kidnapping and mortal danger to the list, only to find herself galaxies away feeling just as lonely as on Earth. Trigger warning: erotic sex...

    17.6K 3.9K 85

    THIS STORY HAS MATURE CONTENT. A bomb in the silent hours of the night reveals the sinister heart of man and forces his descendants to live as they did hundreds of years ago. The grey haired marketeer has foretold Tane's destiny. Hate and destruction can only be the blame of man himself. No faith of God can be us...

    Completed   Mature
  • Empty Chairs and Empty Promises
    716 119 19

    Libby Crenshaw is an empty shell since her husband died. Her adult children are living their lives on the coasts but Libby can't seem to get out of her depression. Then one day a visitor comes and Libby's world changes.

    2.5K 306 62

    Dedicated to the memory of Stan Lee, co creator of FATHER TIME. Soldier, Vigilante, Mercenary, hero ... legend. Time has been kickin' ass and takin' names fer over seventy goddamn years, an the old man ain't done yet ... not by a longshot. Compiled by popular demand ... the non chronological adventures of ol FT himse...

  • Keeping Tessa
    4.7K 398 21

    Used to be called Lost in London. Now part of the Plump Playwright series. Dealing with her divorce, Tessa travels to London on business, injures herself during a brawl, lands a publisher, seduces the club owner and loses her heart. (M) Full Blurb: Tessa du Toit's business trip is tainted by the discovery of her husba...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Last Amazon (ON HIATUS)
    1.6K 241 26

    The neglected daughter of a lesser god, Korina discovers that she's the prophecy doomed to battle Hades's minions on Zeus's behalf. Full Blurb: Korina Sideri is a lowly daughter of a lesser god but despite living in the shadows of Mount Olympus, her life is far from perfect. With no sponsor, she is shunned at the acad...

  • Unexpected⁵ | Excerpt Only
    180K 1.4K 7

    !! FIVE-CHAPTER EXCERPT ONLY!! This book has been moved to Anystories! Kaitlyn expects to spend a quiet and relaxing summer at her aunt's house in suburban New York City. That's exactly what she needs before life will get more stressful with her decision to take a step in a whole new direction. But change is exactly w...

  • Cinderella³
    238K 9K 35

    💜 Featured on the wattpad NA New Adult Romance reading list and the wattpad cupid After dark reading list 💜 Tessa has only two priorities in life: taking care of her younger brother after their parents' tragic death eight years ago and running her florist shop. When her best friend tries to pull her out of her "Al...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweets²
    257K 8.9K 33

    After her last serious relationship left Lauren emotionally and physically broken, all she is looking for in any man that crosses her path is either friendship or a weekend fling. When her friend Henry suddenly stirs feelings that she thought were no longer there, hope flickers inside Lauren that she can bury her past...

    Completed   Mature
  • Princess¹ | Rewritten
    182K 7.4K 38

    After a devastating year, Amy is ready to leave everything behind. Moving across the country to forget her past seems like the perfect plan. New friends, new job -- new life? Things start to look up, especially with her charming colleague, Ben. Falling for a guy isn't even on her list, but she can't resist him. And B...

    Completed   Mature
  • Invasion from the Appleverse
    1.2K 203 46

    In a world full of anthropomorphic fruit, the Apples dominate half the planet with a grip of iron. Foremost among their ranks is Henri, current Baron of Applestadt and son of the founder of the Great Apple Council. A scientific genius as well as a highborn green apple, the young Baron has discovered the existence of...

  • The Cursed Guardian
    2.4K 411 50

    A woman is cursed for seeking revenge and spends eight centuries dodging her ex-crush while searching for a cure. Full Blurb: Zemin witnesses the assassination of her family and sets out to destroy her uncle, the Emperor. Her attempts backfire with devastating consequences and she finds herself on the run from her unc...

  • The Chosen's Fate
    85.1K 4.5K 27

    Attacked and forced to crash on a barbarian planet, Molly must come to terms with never leaving this world and allowing the chieftain to have his way with her, all whilst her attackers continue their pursuit. (M) Full Blurb: Molly can't seem to do anything right today. Angering the Vargosh wasn't wise but it was neces...

    Completed   Mature