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  • Slated For Love
    1.1K 88 8

    •When Wedding bells are getting polished and put in place for a loud and mighty ring, everyone is ecstatic - everyone except the devil of course. A hurdle, a possible thwart and an impending wedding with candidates on ground, ready and in position, the bellowing storm above is stealthy in its primordial form. Somebod...

  • Silhouette
    2.9K 621 49

    Dave Coker, soldier turned cop is instinctive, a man of principles. A corrupt boss with tons of skeletons in his wardrobe and a serial killer on the loose is enough to torment him. When he unearths a conspiracy of catastrophic results, its a race against time to bring down the bad guys before the streets of Lagos are...

  • White Hat Playboy
    14.5K 2.3K 29

    "What do you want?" I asked instead. We were the only two left at the bar which meant I was stuck with him till the early hours of the morning. "Sex on the beach." ** Utianle, popularly known as Uti is an upcoming fashion designer who quit her job to pursue her dream of being a celebrity stylist. With her fast dwindl...

  • Melanin diaries
    3K 746 24

    It was a case of running from frypan into fire when Mokunfayo bolted out of her supposed engagement party into the clutches of the bad kind of policemen. And when Mike -a handsome but deadly assassin- comes to her rescue in the nick of time, sparks begin to fly. The problem was; it was supposed to be a one time meet u...

  • Finding 'x'
    512 111 16

    FEATURED ON AMBASSADORS NG'S READING LIST. WINNER OF THE WATTYS NG AWARD OF THE MYSTERY THRILLER GENRE. ######### Ella had it all. Well, a dysfunctional family, a blog of nasties, being assistant captain of the school's basketball team and the hatred of half the entire school's population -teachers and students alike...

  • Arewa: Verge Of Darkness
    2K 457 38

    The year is 2019 and one in several thousand Nigerians have special abilities. For Arewa; through ups and downs, life in post-crisis Nigeria has been simple: kill people for money, keep her sister safe and keep her abilities hidden. But that all changes with the return of their dead father and the appearance of the Ch...

  • Worth Playing For
    174 40 8

    This is not your average high school story. I mean it is... But it isn't.

  • The Initiation
    61 15 4

    Well, I know there are thousands of vampire stories and poems out there, but this original piece from my little mind is my way of appreciating the Twilight movie series. Though it's been years, I still love the movie extremely! I know you do too... So I hope you enjoy this, don't forget to comment and vote. Yours Po...