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  • Baby Spider
    429K 11.5K 97

    Peter gets turned into a baby and the the Avengers take care of him. I suck at descriptions but there is gonna be a lot of fluff also Dad! Tony soooo yeah The cover was made by @iiwolfed they're extremely talented and so so so sweet go read their book!

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Oneshots
    33.8K 521 21

    Send me your OC's information and I'll do a oneshot about them

  • Spider-Man One-Shots
    30.2K 1.4K 14

    Just some one-shots about Peter Parker and your friendly neighborhood web slinger Spider-Man. The Spider-Man I am using is Tom Holland. **The art I used for the cover is not mine, so all credits go to the artist. Marvel and all it's characters is owned by Stan Lee.**

  • Heartbeat (Danny Rand)
    8.4K 331 27

    Aria Green has always been technologically gifted. How she uses those gifts, however, is a whole different story. What will happen to Ari the super-hacker when she befriends five new kids who just happen to be teenaged superheroes? *I do not own any Marvel characters or plot lines. If you recognize it then it's probab...

  • Danny Rand x reader oneshot
    13.2K 213 3

    Basically what it says in the title. I love love love Danny and noticed the lack of Iron Fist x readers show here you go my fellow Danny lovers :) Lots of love Bookworm xx

  • Hawkgirl (Danny Rand)
    931 45 8

    After finding a magic amulet on the beach, Lauren's life changes forever.

  • Spiderman Oneshots
    584K 22K 180

    Leave suggestions if you want! I can also do Ultimate Spiderman oneshots. I only draw the line at Starker.

  • Marvel one shots
    47.4K 790 34

    just a bunch of one shots with Bucky Barnes Steve Rogers Loki laufyson Bruce Banner Pietro maximoff Matt Murdock T'Challa Udaku Wanda Maximoff Danny Rand and MORE! No Lemons/limes/smut NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Ultimate Spiderman Preferences
    119K 3K 31

    Danny, Sam, Peter, and Luke. If you have comments/suggestions/requests, send me a message or comment. Thanks!

  • The Looking Star (Ultimate spiderman fanfiction-Season 1)
    27.5K 908 14

    I am Emily Parker. Peter Parker's sister. You probably never heard of me and that's fine. Me and Peter go to the same grade. Where only that same age for a while.

  • Ultimate Spider-Man One-shots
    9.4K 341 15

    A small collection of one-shots about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. None of the one-shots will connect unless specifically stated. This book is based primarily off of the cartoon: Ultimate Spider-Man (and it's sequel series) If you don't like don't read Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this, that...

  • Ultimate Spiderman Oneshots
    11.1K 209 8

    This will include the original team spider man duh and the web warriors as well as students of sheild academy. I could find close to none of these so enjoy and fangirls can scream I will try to keep names out of this in case it's your name so I'll use reader insert. I do NOT own the show or the art I use the plots may...

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Boys x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
    3.1K 63 7

    I have lost inspiration for this! I have moved on to another fandom! Just some random one-shots with your favorite Ultimate Spider-Man boo and others. Such as Danny Rand, Sam Alexander, Luke cage, Peter Parker, Ben Scarlet, Amadeous Cho, Flash Thompson, etc. I am taking requests!!!! Requests are open!!!

  • Ultimate Spider-man Preferences (Discontinued)
    31.8K 584 16

    This is a USM x reader book that I will type. Hope you guys can enjoy it. Please don't comment anything mean because this is my first x reader book to write. It will include Peter Parker, Danny Rand, Sam Alexander, Luke Cage, Scarlet Spider, Amadeus Cho, Miles Morales, Flash Thompson, and Harry Osborn. It might take m...

  • group chat • ultimate spider-man
    39.2K 1.3K 19

    The teenage group of superheroes; Peter Parker, Danny Rand, Luke Cage, Sam Alexander, Ava Ayala, and Y / n Y/l/n all in one group chat. (X reader) (Peter Parker x reader) (Sam Alexander x reader) All rights reserved to Marvel for their characters

  • Ultimate Spiderman Boys X Reader Oneshots
    154K 3.4K 67

    I hope you like these oneshots with your favorite guys with the coolest powers! Don't forget to request! DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Marvel characters. All belong to Stan Lee and/ Marvel. I hope you guys all love it! Thanks for the reads!! [COMPLETE] {NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS}

  • Tell Me Your Secret and I'll Share the Pain
    1.7K 60 1

    Peters been strangely aggressive lately; he's gotten quiet, and has taken to avoiding people like the plaque. No one is quite sure what's up with the teen or how to help. But Tiger figures it out and does the best she can to comfort her comrade, and in-turn uncovers a bit more about her leaders past than she intended...

  • The Ballad of the Spider (Spider-Man fanfiction)
    1.6K 125 7

    'I am no hero, No hero I'll be Are you not scared? Don't worry; it's only me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No one expected it to happen. No one suspected it'd happen to him. 1 year ago, New York City's hero, Spider-Man was arrested for the murder of 4 villains and charged to Ravencroft, Institute...

  • Whispers in the Winter Wind (Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon)
    1.8K 93 3

    "I almost did it. I was so close. , I just, " my hands cupped together as if curled around an imaginary neck. I could almost feel the beat of a phantom pulsing under my fingers. "I...I wanted to see him die." ____________________ CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! [Ranked #8 in Origin]

  • USM: Tag Book, Headcanon Storage, and Rant Room
    2.5K 165 17

    I was tagged and had to do SOMETHING. So, I decided this is where I'll respond to being tagged, and store my headcanons and rants for Ultimate Spider-Man! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! [Ranked #4 in USM]

  • Stuck in the Crossfire (Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon - Spideypool)
    1K 61 1

    Pseudo-Spider-Man shrugged Iron Fist and White Tiger off carelessly. "Well, then I guess my jobs done. Carry on Humphrey, don't let me get in the way of your own unaliving," Peter froze. He glanced up, wincing when his head twinged, and scowled skeptically at his cosplayer. Oh, it better not be... "Deadpool?" he mu...

  • Peter Parkers Countdown to Christmas (USM)
    922 77 3

    12 days of Christmas - Spider-Man style! From snow fun, hanging up decorations, and mischevious mistletoe! Enjoy some Christmas fluff between Peter and his family and friends!

  • Being There For You (USM One-Shot Book)
    13.6K 671 19

    First one-shot summary: Its been a week since the incident involving Spider-Man taking on Goblin and his goblinized friends. Everything should be right and back to normal, but Peter can't stop thinking about the fight against his team, and the hurtful things they said - persisting self-doubt and nightmares are enough...

  • Spiderman Preferences (Ultimate Spiderman TV show)
    82.2K 2K 52

    Preferences/Imagines for the following: Peter Danny Sam Luke Ava I love all of these people and I love the show.... Enjoy!

  • Sports Day...
    786 38 1

    Pietro x Reader I had my school sports day and was inspired to make this... Please don't steal anything, and anything you recognise I don't own! Sorry for the bad accents my friends! - Bookwormwolf :)

  • Ultimate Spider-Man preferences
    21.1K 566 9

    Preferences of the teens of Ultimate Spider-Man. Requests are welcome.

  • USM (Ultimate Spider Man) x Reader Preferences
    111K 2.4K 30

    Well, since I have found not a single USM preference series, I have decided to make my own. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Preferences will be cute, sad, happy, dirty, etc. I will post as little author's notes as I possibly can, I do not do personal imagines or any imagines whatsoever, and I will do my best to make these pref...

  • Ultimate Spider Man Boyfriend Scenarios!!!
    5K 57 6

    It involves Nova and Iron Fist, and you could request a oneshot if you'd like of any characters (but the scenarios will be of Nova and Iron Fist).