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  • He's My Stranger
    12.6K 609 5

    Book 2 of the AiDeku Stranger series. Another AiDeku short. But not really (Underground)Hero!Deku Teacher!Deku kinda? Quirkless!Deku AiDeku Slightly aged up character(s) Slightly aged down character(s) OOCness

  • Quite the performance (Shindeku story)
    17.6K 676 12

    After his mother was hospitalized Izuku Midoriya was forced to work as a stripper. His life becomes hell when a former boyfriend exposes him

  • The Lockdown [Bakudeku]
    22.8K 577 8

    What happens when 2nd year Izuku finds himself in the halls during a lockdown, unaware of the danger a villan lurking in the shadows will cause. this story contains: fluff scenes Language (R rating) Bakudeku Erasermic possible graphic scenes MHA oc's (both in izukus class and in 1a) All art is mine unless said otherw...

  • izuku x ochako (fluff/lemon)
    50.8K 403 28

    this story is gonna be based around a lewd comic i stumbled upon when my friend semt me a link to it i read the comic and was disgusted not by the wording...sorta... i was disgusted by about 4 things. 1:bakugo at any poimt in the comic 2:ochako being a slut (it hurts to say that so much 😭) 3: deku not no...

  • The Children an IzuOcho story
    72.6K 1.2K 37

    This takes place after the rescue of eri. At the start she is still in the hospital. Also fair warning this is my first Fanfic so bare with me. Also there will be NO smut so if thats your were expecting Mineta then step off. However if your looking for fluff then have fun with some embaressed children and wholesome mo...

  • ParentHood (IzuOcha) [MHA Fanfic]
    38.2K 653 23

    🌟[WATTY AWARD 2019 NOMINEE]🌟 Brought by from the nigtmare Eri experience,she unconsciously activate her quirk and rewind herself to the point before she was born causing a certain young bubbly brunette pregnant and ultimately impacting the two young people's life. How will they react? How they will gonna continue th...

  • Izuku's Promise (IzuOcha lemon)
    8K 40 5

    !R-18+! characters here are aged 18+ characters originally belong to their respectful creator, Kohei Horikoshi, I only own the plot - Izuku promised Ochako before they did their pro hero duties, Ochako, thinking that it was only a joke became confused when his boyfriend came home

    Completed   Mature
  • Heroism in Parenting
    37.9K 759 13

    After Eri is rescued from the Eight Precepts of Death, she is put into the custody of Deku and Ochako in the Class dorms. On the first night she has a nightmare that causes her quirk to go haywire and rewind herself back to 5months old. Characters are Aged Up to 20 years old. My Hero Academia is owned by Kohei Horiko...

  • Cards vs Chess (Ciel x OC)
    54.5K 1.8K 26

    Ciel Phantomhive, the queen's guard dog and a master of chess. Ruby Colligor, the queen's cat and a master of cards. What happens when these two meet and they fall in love?

  • Vigilante Hero: Karma
    2.5K 97 3

    Izuku was born with a Quirk. Despite this, Izuku had no interest in being a hero. Instead, she was disgusted with it as a whole, and only appreciated some of them. So, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Meet Karma, the Vigilante Hero.

  • Destructive Force (Being Rewrite)
    93K 1K 31

    Imagine if only the female population had quirks, imagine if the male population was treated only as slaves. What would happen if a male child was born with not just one quirk but multiple quirks. Join Izuku in his quest to become not only the first male hero but the number one hero to free the male population.

  • Izuku the maxim
    12.2K 292 6

    When izuku is sleeping, his arms start to feel weird. He looks at his arm to see a small green glow, going up his arm. (Parasite the maxim X bnha)

  • Sebastian and Ciel: A Story Of Love
    24.5K 560 9

    Years have passed, Ciel finally started growing again and now he is 18. Sebastian is his very loyal butler that is always there for him whenever he's in trouble. But one day, Ciel couldn't sleep and went to Sebastian's room. That night, everything happen. THIS IS A YAOI SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Completed   Mature
    37.8K 426 7

    ⚠️EXPLICIT CONTENT⚠️ ⚠️YAOI⚠️ ⚠️R-18/NSFW⚠️ I just recently found and read this and I want to share it with you guys ESPECIALLY ERERI SHIPPERS so if you don't like this pair then don't read this I DO NOT OWN THIS DOUJINSHIS ALL CREDIT GOES TO UNAP! THE ARTIST OF THIS DOUJIN

  • Instintos Salvajes
    8.7K 831 1

    No pueden hacer nada por esa atracción animal que sienten el uno por el otro, solo dejarse llevar.

  • Sólo un beso más.
    5.5K 829 1

    Amaban aquellos pequeños momentos donde podían huir del mundo para demostrar cuan grande y apasionado era su amor, a través de incontables besos.

  • DekuKatsu - KatsuDeku (Heterosexual/Hentai)
    40.2K 548 6

    DekuKatsu Doujinshi in Japanese

    Completed   Mature
  • A different kind of hero
    56.9K 1.4K 24

    My teacher walked around handing back our career choices to make any last minute changes. As soon as he handed me mine I got to work erasing pro hero. My dream school was still U.A but I would apply to the general studies course. On the line where we wrote what we wanted to be, I hesitated before I wrote... I don't ow...

  • Red and Blue [FemNagisaxKarma]
    66.3K 1.5K 62

    Fem Nagisa x Karma Assassination Classroom is not mine! First Karmagisa fanfic Two childhood friends fall in love with each other, feelings unknown to each other. Nagisa is the school's idol and 3-E's most talented Assassin, while Karma is a delinquent that everyone fears. They are completely different things, as litt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gravity Ascends (Reverse Falls FanFiction)
    68K 1.4K 25

    Mabel and Dipper Gleeful are the most popular, attractive, nicest, and flawless people in the town of Gravity Ascends. As you would think... On the inside, they have a side that no one has ever seen... Gideon Pines isn't too ecstatic to visit his Uncle Bud and the sleepy town of Gravity Ascends, not because of his unc...

  • Big Adventures of the Big Michaelis Family
    5K 257 10

    DO YOU WANT SEBACIEL CRACK WHERE NOTHING HURTS? HAPPY, FLUFF, HUMOR, SITCOM (Actually hope you like it. Just a story to read when you're sad)

    6.8K 230 6

    [Sebaciel] Sebastian adopts a beautiful blue kitty that he loves the most, but that all changes when the little kitty becomes his big kitty. He starts having feelings for his little pet and makes sures that his little kitty will always be precious to him

  • Blade Of Death {A Black Butler [Ciel X OC] Fanfiction}
    12.3K 269 23

    [WARNING: Written by my young, juvenile, 9-year old self. Expect a lot of cringe. Will undergo editing as soon as possible. ON HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] Silver Arcanis. She is the silent and mysterious maiden living in the lonely town of Horda. With her shelter lost a couple of years ago, she lived under the roof o...