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  • Wings Of Destiny: Book 1
    2.6K 150 31

    Iceberg had lived her whole life under a mountain, she never had a problem with that, at all. She had an important destiny.. to stop a war. But now, a wing of destiny is threatened and now is the time to act. To escape.

  • Sometimes, love can hurt. (StormFly X toothles ) [ ON BREAK ]
    151 0 3

    ( ⚠️ I obviously don't own any HTTYD known characters in this ⚠️ ) !!Sorry, but I will not continue any updates. I'm taking a break from this book, and if I do come back, it will have a FRESH new start.!!!

  • The story of ripnami
    2.9K 34 5

    Everyone knows about the story of tsunami and Riptide but do you know what happens after the books?