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  • KOTLC Random Fun Stuff!!!
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    (Highest ranking #12) This is a crazy book of all my fangirl googleing sprees of, head cannons, fan art, memes, and random stuff, So yeah go have fun! DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these beautiful fangirl works. They belong partially to their creators, and partially to those who own any of the edited material.

  • Sokeefe Essay
    405 26 1

    This is an essay that I wrote with 4 other girls in which we share why we ship Sokeeke. Contains spoilers from all the books except Legacy

  • Keeper of the Lost Memories (COMPLETED)
    327K 9.1K 126

    Sophie Foster doesn't remember she's an elf. She lives as a human in college, unaware of the people searching for her until a mysterious boy who goes by the name of Keefe Sencen shows up and tells her she has a forgotten past. Keefe Sencen hasn't seen Sophie in 5 years. The Neverseen managed to get rid of her memories...

  • TeamFosterKeefe's Rants
    204 7 10

    This is just a book full of my rants. I got this idea from @unicornhorse160 so go check out her profile! She has AWESOME Voltron x Reader One Shots!

  • It's Hard to say I Love you. *A KOTLC Fanfiction*
    107K 2.3K 25

    Sophie Foster and the other elves are human, and this is their trip through High-school. Mostly, it's just a bunch of SoKeefe fluff! *Was previously Keeper of the Lost Cities College.* #2 in Kotlc, #1 in Sokeefe (as of October 23rd). How did that happen? Thank you!

  • A KOTLC Fan Fiction
    1.4K 37 12

    "So I'm not alone!" The boy said, smirking. After Sophie Foster is captured, along with Biana Vacker, Fitz Vacker, and Dex Dizznee, she meets Keefe Sencen who has also apparently been captured. Sophie then meets the villain of the story, Kraven. Will Sophie, Keefe, and her friends escape? And if they do, will they...