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  • [Who am I? I'm The Ghost Rider]: (Crossover Harem x Male Reader)
    137K 5K 49

    [Seen a lot of these crossover stories and wanna throw own story into the pile, hope you enjoy it, even if it's been done to death] [This story is inspired by @Dmcsage, @Devilmaycry407 and other stories]

  • Steamed Broccoli (IzukuXReader)
    35.1K 953 8

    Since the beginning, since Elementary school you' both have become great friends. He's so sweet and innocent.. or so you thought. Wait until you see his hidden side, the side he would only reveal to you, and only you. Will feelings change, will your feelings change, will you both become more then friends, will everyt...

  • An Immortal Friendship (Currently On Hold)
    44K 977 8

    What if Riser only acted the way he does to hide his true emotions? What if he lost someone so dear to him and Ravel that he changed to cope with his friend being gone? His friend was never truly gone though.

  • Highscool DxD return of the Grim Reaper
    17.4K 168 5

    The grim reaper has been around for a long every death he has judged and taken the souls of that person but after the great war the devil's have interrupt his work and he has been looking for for the source of dead people turning into devil's and he has found and is not happy about what the devil's have been doing

  • The Brightest Eclipse | A Ninjago Fanfiction
    60.4K 1.7K 45

    My life started going downhill the day I met Lloyd Garmadon at a park and saved the green ninja a few hours later. Well, I guess you could call it uphill, but how would you classify dating him during the end of the world? In which Olivia falls in love with Lloyd, becomes the purple ninja, and saves Ninjago---along w...

  • The Sin of Sloth Male!sansreader x Highschool DXD
    158K 1.6K 19

    You were onece part of Rias peerage but because of your lazynis she wanted to replace you, and she did. She replaced you with Issei but you were revived by the sin of wrath as the new sin of sloth! I don't own Undertale or Highschool DxD!

  • [ON HOLD] Betrayed OP MaleReader! X Highschool Dxd
    388K 3.6K 39

    Y/N betrayed by Rias and her peerage but how will they react if they find out that the presumed to be dead Y/N is alive and stronger than before planning for his revenge against them if your curious just read the book and join us in Y/N story (my first book hope you enjoy it 😁) I do not own any of the character they...

  • Time Keeper (Male Celebi x Rwby) (CANCLED)
    2.2K 47 4

    Celebi was found alone in the forest with no memories what happened before. She was taken in by the Belladonnas and raised by them. However, he was bullied and beat by Blake, and he couldn't take it anymore. He then disappeared, never to be seen again. Until 7 years later...

  • RWBY: The Fallen Dragon
    110K 1.3K 54

    Team RWBY and their friends are told to investigate a strange occurrence in the Emerald Forest near Beacon Academy when they get there they find a boy their age. Who is he? Why is he there? What sort of powers does he possess? I do not own RWBY all rights go to Rooster Teeth. Any art that I use is not mine and credit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Highschool dxd x Poison Ivy's Son (Male Reader)
    116K 1.9K 31

    You are the son of poison Ivy and you moved to kuoh town from Gotham city because you're mother Ivy wanted you to have a regular life I don't own Highschool DXD, the pictures nor do I own Batman all rights go to the very much respected owners

  • A Deadly Ally (highschool dxd)
    5.7K 78 12

    (very) Slow updates After everyone in the Occult Research Club had finished dealing with Loki's wrath (season 3), they soon head to America because of another house in the underworld has offered the Gremory household land in a nice 'quiet' town. This is a Highschool DXD male insert, if you lasses wish to read I just...

  • Vengeance- abused & neglected m reader
    245K 3.6K 17

    Y/n Xiao Long was treated like filth. His sisters used him as a punching bag, his father saw him only as a slave... so when he is given the opurtunity to get revenge, he took it like a shot. Now gifted with new life, Y/n must forge a new purpose for himself, and pray that the deal he made doesn't come back to bite him...

  • The Ultimate Alien Warrior (Highschool DxD X Male Reader)
    48.1K 728 7

    The Debate over who would win in a fight between a Saiyan and a Kryptonian is pointless when you're a hybrid of both!

  • DuckTales Reader X: New friends in Duckburg
    36.6K 747 48

    After moving to DuckBurg, you as a kid help your family earn extra money by playing music on the sidewalk, until one day, when four other kids come along, and your life is changed forever... #4 in ducktales2017 out of 167 stories (I own none of these characters. Love me, Disney!)

  • songs by tangled and tangled the series
    45 2 2

    yep you guessed it some of my fave songs :) !!!!!!!

  • My Power Is Absolute (Male Saiyan Reader x RWBY)
    38.3K 578 8

    Planet Vegeta is on the Verge of destruction. Although most Saiyans did not heed the warning that Bardock gave them, there were two Saiyans who did take his warning. The parents of Y/n L/n loaded their one and only son into a space pod and sent him off planet to save him. Now, Y/n has crash landed on the world of Remm...

  • TMNT: Once Evil, Always Evil? (Donnie x reader)
    32.5K 1K 25

    You were just a normal teenage girl but a canister of mutagen fell on your head and broke. Then after getting electrocuted by a street lamp, you gain so much energy and changed you. This is my first tmnt x reader story so just give it a shot ok?

  • The Sacred Gear Of War (Kratos-Male Reader x Highschool dxd)
    19.9K 381 3

    A normal high-school student, that's what you thought you were. Just an ordinary guy with nothing special about him. But when you're attacked by a winged foe and brought to the brink of death, you rise with newfound powers and skills. Your body changed into that of a warriors, and having the weapons to back that up. Y...

  • Forever Together (Shadow X HedgeHog Reader) ~Completed~
    49.9K 1.2K 33

    You are (y/n) The Hedgehog. You lived in a creepy forest all alone. And every once in a while bumping into the Sonic crew. You didn't know them specifically until you were ambushed the a few G.U.N robots and were injured in the fight. Sonic and Shadow come to your rescue and save you from the robots.

  • My Path To Glory (RWBY X Dragon Ball Heroes X Neutral Saiyan Reader)
    2.4K 43 2

    Y/N L/N, The Saiyan of an unknown Origin who roamed the land of Remnant, fully aware of the Huntsman, White Fang Members, and Creatures of Grimm that he may encounter, as he continues to go down his own path, telling himself and the others around him... "I Play By My Own Rules"

  • From Good To Evil (Highschool DxD X Male Betrayed Saiyan Reader)
    47.8K 605 4

    Y/N L/N was usually a cheerful boy, Happy with his friends and his master, Rias Gremory, but one day, Y/N's cheerfulness got somehow annoyed Rias and her peerage, What will they do now?

  • 🩹 Steven X Reader Oneshots 🏩
    53.9K 1K 19

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~{~♥~}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome! This here is a Steven X Reader book! Requests are closed. It includes the movie and the series along with aus and timelines. There will be NO 18+ stuff. Rules will be the first chapter. I do NOT own the characters and the photos unless say so. Steven universe ©: Rebecca Sugar...

  • The Betrayed Swordsman
    71.1K 644 8

    Y/N Briggs was very popular at Beacon. He was kind and courteous to everyone. Even team CRDL treated him with respect. However, while on a mission with his team, he is stabbed in the back (metaphorically) and left for dead by someone he once trusted. Before he fades away, however, a strange old man rescues him from th...

  • TMNT: You did what?!
    1.2K 70 1

    When Mikey becomes bored of pranking Raph, he pulls the ultimate prank on Fearless. Here's a short fanfic and it's somewhat funny. Hope you enjoy.

  • A Human's Best Friend (Reader X Corrupted!Jasper)
    85.3K 2.4K 16

    After Jasper got corrupted at the Beta Kindergarten, she was to escape from Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot. Meanwhile at the edge of Empire City, you (the reader) are a college student unaware of that your life will change once you two cross paths in the near future. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN STEVEN UNIVERSE AND THE...

  • Beacon's Saiyan Omni King (RWBY X Male Reader)
    17.8K 264 4

    What if our Saiyan Omni King went to Beacon instead of Kuoh? Read to find out!

  • Defective(Ruby Squad x Male Ruby Reader Harem)
    16.8K 281 6

    These Rubies are usually...tolerable with each other. Focusing on their mission and nothing else. But when "he" comes along, they start to get, well, competitive. Cover by Unknown_Virus21 Thank you!

  • Revenge Against The Huntsman: Male Super Saiyan Reader x RWBY
    57.9K 773 12

    Your mother a human, and your father, a saiyan who had escaped planet vegeta secretly and landed on the planet Remnant, both murdered by huntsman acting as mercenaries when you were a young boy. The night it happened, you swore to get rid of every huntsman that you came across. The path of malevolence you walked led...

  • Beerus Male Reader x RWBY Ruby
    65.1K 558 17

    Read the title

  • Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: From Allies to Lovers (being edited)
    37.8K 690 67

    Set in New York City, Mizuki, a young woman trained by a rebellion, joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles in fighting off the malicious Baron Draxum and other villains, while focusing on her mission to save all of humanity. And on a side note: she is also falling for the brains of the team.