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  • The lost child of Gallifrey (Doctor Who Fanfic)
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    Amelia rose smith is an extremely intelligent 11 year old. After 9 years of living with her foster mother Amelia is kidnapped by strange Aliens were she meets a total mad man, and finally finds out who her parents are and most importantly who she is. This is totally for entertainment per- posses only. All rights go to...

  • Doctor Who Quotes 2
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    More quotes from Doctor Who (in case the title was unclear). All rights to the BBC.

  • Brilliant (Harry Potter/Doctor Who Crossover)
    903K 29.8K 37

    During her 7th year at Hogwarts, Hermione is intrigued right from the start by the new Astronomy teacher, Professor John Smith. This strange man has captured all her attention and she seems to have done the same to him. As the year goes by, talking to someone on a more intellectual level becomes something of a drug fo...

  • Doctor Who Quotes
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    Quotes from Doctor Who (in case the title was unclear). All rights to the BBC.

  • A Guest in Camelot (Doctor Who/Merlin)
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    Trapped 1500 years in the past. No Rory, no Doctor and no way to return. Knowledge on aliens can be useful especially when a familiar enemy of the doctor tries to take control of Camelot. But is a knowledge of aliens any good when fighting a dragon? Is Amelia getting too close to the Prince? And is there even a way t...

  • Second Chances [Doctor Who Fanfic]
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    The Tenth Doctor has a new companion who's willing to risk everything to take him back to his old companion. There's something wrong with the human Doctor and the Doctor realizes that while losing one person, he also has a second chance at gaining back his one love, Rose Tyler.