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  • MALFOY ━━━ harry potter
    254 26 3

    harry potter is under the impression that druella malfoy is a deatheater.

  • Wonderland ~ Theodore Lawrence
    298 39 9

    "We found Wonderland..." Delia Acker has never been outside of her hometown in New Hampshire but when her mother brings her an opportunity to journey out into the "real world", she takes a suitcase with her to Concord, Massachusetts. And that's where she meets Theodore "Laurie" Lawrence... and together they get lost i...

  • Raise Hell 。 Michael Langdon
    124K 7K 25

    RAISE HELL. ❝ Young blood, stand and deliver No need for a queen affair Young blood, gotta pull the trigger When the whole world running scared ❞ Michael Langdon / American Horror Story fanfiction © lookingforlucy 2018 plot by stxrmborn cover by luciangemini

  • Little March
    147K 5.5K 20

    His eyes turn to me. The hazel is practically mocking, and even though I don't react, there's no way he doesn't notice the way my face warms when he stares at me a beat too long. Jo would kill me. It's enough to get it from Amy, but me too? God. _____________________________________ This short story takes place in C...