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  • Jeweller's Shop
    3.3K 322 30

    Want someone to recommend and advertise your book? Or do you need a new favourite book? Tired of browsing and browsing through books that aren't quite up to your standard? Well, look no further! Our Jewellers provide recommendations for all genres. They include their favourites, and works that are just incredible qua...

  • April Monthly Awards (Closed For 1 Year)
    765 73 13

    Welcome to April, as we enter a month filled with diamonds and we are all diamonds in the rough, but diamonds are forever!

  • Crystallized Awards OPEN |♕2019♛|
    13.1K 913 19

    OPEN WIDELY TO ALL! Can't compete? Worried because there are better books out there? Worry Not! For the Crystallized Awards is here! Alright, all the hidden gems [Under 3k views] will be added to the hidden gems book list Hidden Gems are those under 3000 views but I'll make an exception to some who are above 3k Found...

  • THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019 | Second Edition
    5.7K 482 34

    [ ] OPEN [ ] CLOSED FOR JUDGING [X] COMPLETE Whether you're from the first edition awards or a new participant, welcome on board! In The Creative Awards (now in the Second edition!), we aim for writers that are not getting the recognition they deserve and try our best to support their stories! HIGHEST RANKING: #1 i...

  • The 2019 Autumn Awards
    4.2K 510 16

    OPEN ( 🍁JUDGING) CLOSED ..... Want to enter a contest but missed out on all the amazing awards this summer? Are you an undiscovered author? Are you looking to grow your fanbase or reach a wider audience? Look no further! Its time for you to get recognized for the writer that you are with the 2019 Autumn Awards! G...

  • Bookfunreaders Awards 2019
    4.4K 80 4

    We exist to help enrich the Wattpad Community through reaching out to authors, with the intent of advising & improving; and being a team that encourages reading within the Wattpad Community.

  • The Golden Awards 2019
    10.6K 849 9

    (✓)Open ()Judging ()Closed Welcome to the Golden Awards! This competition is for all wattpad writers under 50k reads to enter. It's a chance to win some awesome rewards and to improve your book!!!

  • The Trident Awards II
    2.1K 311 6

    We are back! It's another season and we're happy to get the second bus moving! You have what it takes to hold a trident? Hop in! The Tridents work when necessary to spotlight as many authors as possible and we are glad by doing that by hosting this award. New or old, famous or hidden, pro or learner, there's something...

  • The Infinity Awards
    17.5K 1.3K 27

    [❌] Open [✔] Judging [ ] Closed Tired of being labelled as an 'unrecognised' author? Do you believe that your book has everything a bestseller needs, except for exposure? If yes, then you're at the right place! Welcome to the Infinity Awards! All credit for the lovely cover goes to @ImperfectARA

  • Authentic Skull Awards 2019
    15K 974 18

    Open [ ] Judging [ ✔️ ] Closed [ ] 💀Welcome to the Realm of Skulls💀 [See the section of 'SPOTS LEFT' to know how many spots are available] Further instructions are inside the Book. Please Read everything.

  • The Genre Contest 2019 [ J U D G I N G]
    13K 710 18

    Welcome to the 2019 Genre Contest! This is the First Annual Genre Contest. The purpose of this award system is to celebrate our amazing authors while they put forward their best works! Sure, it's no Wattys, and the rewards aren't as extravagant, but winning will always make someone feel a sense of accomplishment. You...

  • the 2019 flame awards || open for judges ||
    14.9K 797 11

    if your story is 🔥 fire 🔥, then you're in the right place. two things to note: a. I use lowercase letters for the aesthetic value. b. if there was such a thing as lowercase numbers, I would use them.