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  • Best Friends (Lesbian Stories)
    2.5K 21 1

    Friends don't kiss friends - I'm redoing this because the story line and everything sucks lol

  • The Locker Room
    26.2K 896 2

    A Happy Valentine's Day Surprise Short Story from your friendly neighborhood Phaulkon. *** Valerie Greco hates Alexis Sterling, and the feeling is mutual. It seems as if the two have been at war ever since they stepped foot on campus, although no one really knows why. The one thing they are forced to play nice for is...

  • artistic experimentation || chaelisa
    40.9K 1.9K 10

    After high school, Chaeyoung attended college and never reconnected with her best friend Lisa. When Chaeyoung decides to take a life drawing class, she never expected to recognize her model. Or for her model to look quite so good with her clothes off...

  • Mrs. Shuler (GirlxGirl) [COMPLETED]
    1.4M 48.7K 38

    (Teacherxstudent) It might have been the way her hand moved effortlessly across the canvas with every stroke she made, or the way her eyes would shine when speaking about her passion that she adored so much, or maybe it was her smile that seemed to captivate me every time. She was perfect in her own way, and I wis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss Miller (GirlxGirl)
    528K 17.6K 32

    GirlxGirl Don't let love fool you. Sometimes it's worth the risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Between Two Girls
    831K 35.6K 49

    Meet Paige, a bookworm with voices named Emery and Juli in her head. Meet Lucy, the popular girl Paige has a crush on. At some point, Paige has revealed a little of Lucy's other side. What else can she uncover about the not-so-perfect girl everyone thinks Lucy is? (VERY ROUGH DRAFT; READ WITH CAUTION) If you're intere...

  • Enemies (GirlxGirl)
    1.3M 40.1K 38

    [Completed] Corin Dubois and Fia Kendrick have never been friends, despite having lived next to each other their entire lives. In fact, they hated each other, and were not shy about telling each other that. But Corin hasn't had to think about that since she went to a different college, but when Fia transfers to Corin...

  • The Bet
    4.2M 119K 40

    Nicole was one of the schools most popular sought girl. She was easy going, stubborn and full or herself. Emilia was the complete opposite of Nicole. She's hard working, kind and strict. She's also the current student council president and was also one of the most sought girls even if she was called the ice princess...

  • One Night Stand (Lesbian) [COMPLETED]
    244K 7.2K 15

    What happens when a one night stand turns into curiosity about the person you slept with?

    Completed   Mature
  • New Ways
    291K 11.3K 37

    Smart and arrogant Amery Tatcher has no care in the world about how she makes other people feel with the way she rejects her long line of suitors, the way she ignores her best friends when they speak and the way she bosses her minions around in the school's Student Union council. Often told off for her harsh ways, Ame...

  • [✔] ADF «» Jenlisa
    883K 29.9K 30

    ㅡ "How about," she said. "A nice big cup of 'Let's stay in touch' my ass?" Everyone needs at least a one crazy friend, and it looks like Jennie found hers. [Cr. will rightfully go to the owner]

  • Freedom | Chaelisa
    60.7K 2.9K 31

    Follow the bittersweet love unfold between two young hearts as highschool student Lisa spends her summer holidays on the west coast of South island in New Zealand. Her ordinary days were not so ordinary anymore when a particular girl entered her life, making her each day special and magical but every spring has an Aut...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Sister
    1.5M 45.3K 21

    Tara Miller has the boy everybody wants in the palm of her hand; Jay Harris. But, she is constantly plagued by the feeling that something isn't right. Suddenly, when a new somebody shows up, Tara's whole world is shaken and turned around... And to her surprise, that somebody is Jay's sister.

  • Romance In Aisle 12 (lesbian)
    299K 10.6K 11

    For the entire night, two strangers are stuck inside Shopaholics--one of the most popular chain of retail department stores. With only each other for company, what will the pair do to pass away the time? ***NOTE: This is more of a fluffy piece that does contain adult themes.

    Completed   Mature
  • French Toast
    136K 5.1K 11

    Weekends are for pancakes. Mondays cornflakes, Tuesdays grilled cheese sandwiches, Wednesdays cornflakes again, Thursdays oatmeal and Fridays bagels. Colby found herself wanting French toast so when her fiancé suggests they take a one-week break from their relationship in order to pursue other...eats, she takes him up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Body & Soul
    27.4K 468 1

    Written for the GXG Library one shot contest. Oh, and hey, you're beautiful, by the way :-)

  • I Adored You (girlxgirl)
    100K 3.2K 11

    Emilia's charming best friend from two years ago has returned, and so does the unraveling of her infatuation for her...

  • Anyone But Her
    460K 20.2K 30

    Wren Castile and Kenna Gold hated each other in high school. Now mature-ish adults, they still hate each other. The problem? They're engaged. A year away from marriage, according to two of the most powerful people in the world: their parents. *****ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I do not allow my work to be "converted", copied...

  • Seven Minutes [BxB] ONE SHOT
    1.7K 107 1

    In which Tommy kisses a boy for the first time, in a closet, blindfolded, for seven minutes.

    Completed   Mature
  • Twenty Five Reasons Not to Go to Law School
    554K 22.5K 25

    Despite the sexist partners, the useless investigators, and the troublesome clients, "Attorney at Law" was the one title Cassandra Foreman vied her whole life to get. Maybe that's why she takes on a hopeless case: a seventeen year old girl charged with the murder of her unfaithful boyfriend. Cassandra knows she's biti...

  • Mother-F*cker-in-Law ✘ (gxg)
    524K 23.4K 24

    Mother-in-laws are notorious to be one of the most dreadful aspects of a committed relationship. Valentina, a young college student, is about to understand why this trope is so prevalent when she goes on a vacation with her boyfriend and his estranged mother on a beautiful island in Fiji. But why did no one prepare he...

  • The Romanov Sisters |Lesbian Story|
    6.1M 152K 49

    The whole world has changed. In the year 2054, the human race is no longer the largest population on earth. The global invasion of a new yet not quite new species has forced the remaining people to hide in fear. Just like the other war survivors, Avery Pierce tries to escape death by hiding from them. But when she rea...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's Beautiful And Mine (gxg)
    1.2M 36.9K 55

    Samantha Winston. The hottest girl in Blue Valley High. The popular girl. The girl who every other girl wanted to be, who everyone loved. The girl who people dreamed of being friends with, who every guy wanted to date. With her charm, beautifully disarming smile and deep, blue-green eyes that screamed innocence, nob...

  • Lady of the Night
    315K 12.5K 31

    An unattached business woman and a wild prostitute find themselves attached to another in an unlikely way. *** Anne Frey isn't one to show emotions, but when she meets a girl living a life different than hers she has trouble controlling new feelings that have bubbled up inside of her unknowingly. Ruby takes this as a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar Honey Iced Tea
    68.4K 2.3K 28

    All seems well for Jules Cohen - head of the theatre club, top student and girlfriend to rugby player Beau Sullivan. But when she receives a note from another girl claiming their love for her, Jules begins to question her sexuality. Detailing the struggles of figuring out what it means to be bisexual, Jules aims to fi...

  • The Christmas Party
    269K 15.9K 34

    Louise has been lying about having a girlfriend to avoid hanging out with her coworkers outside of work hours. This lie has worked flawlessly until Louise is forced to attend the company Christmas party and everyone is expecting to meet her girlfriend. The only problem is her girlfriend doesn't exist. Louise suddenly...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Not What It Looks Like
    45.1K 3.6K 21

    彡In which a jock attempts to use an exchange student to make his cheerleader ex jealous, but the cheerleader ends up (fake) dating the exchange student instead. - After nearly three years of breaking and making up with her ex-boyfriend, all that Silena Valentine wants is some peace and quiet. Instead, she gets Mena Sk...