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  • The National Curriculum of Magic
    193 40 9

    Harold is the main care provider in a kindergarten at the university of magic. he takes care of the children and tries to prevent the creche from exploding most days.

  • Forbidden Darkness
    139 17 6

    Vampire hunting was all Augustine Eldridge had ever known. It was her lifestyle, and nobody had ever impacted her enough to change that... Up until she was assigned to kill a handsome vampire named Bridger, who had been committing crimes that were not tolerated by Augustine's vampire hunting league. From the moment A...

    67 6 4

    A short story about a woman who has always been pressurised by her parents to get married but she wanted to do that at her own time and will. At last love found her. Ps: it's a very short story it but it is worth reading