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  • The King Arrow [B.b]
    471 27 2

    The 100 ~ Season One-Four Bellamy Blake x Male oc

  • Family Matters [1]
    2.1K 52 5

    Maya Callen 6 year old daughter to Callen G Ncis Los Angeles: Season One-Two Book One of Maya Callen series

  • Destiny (Bella Swan)
    175 12 3

    When a young rapper, Marshall Smith was kick out of his home an was taken in by Chief Charlie Swan and his 18 year old daughter Bella Swan Bella Swan x Male Oc Twilight Saga: New Moon ~ Eclipse

  • Dean Winchester x Male love story (rewrites)
    275 12 2

    Jacob Anderson-Winchester, He Tall (6"4 tall), muscular, funny. Jacob son to John Winchester and stepson to Mary Winchester, he older stepbrother to Dean and Sam. When Jacob finds out that his stepbrother Dean is his mate. How can this relationship work [Season One-Four]

  • Stiles Stilinski x Man (Love Story: SPNxTW Crossover) DISCOUNTINUED
    1.1K 30 5

    When Stiles Stilinski go to live with his uncle Bobby Singer, he meets his uncle friend John Winchesters sons and meets eye contact with James Winchester older brother of Dean and Sam. Slowly they fall in love. [SPN starts Season 7 and 8] [TW starts Season 3] (Book One)

  • Little Stilinski
    254 13 3

    Charlie Stilinski, 2 year old daughter to Stiles Stilinski [TW- Season Three-Five]

  • Little Toy Guns || Supernatural (Slow Update)
    460 13 4

    A Shy Teenager Boy and the famous Hunter Dean Winchester x Male oc Season 13-15

  • Shallow (Rewrites)
    673 33 5

    NCIS Los Angeles Season one-? Male Oc x G Callen

  • Sam's husband
    427 25 3

    |Supernatural Season 13-15)

  • Daughter To Marty Deeks (Editing)
    1.8K 27 4

    Mia Deeks 8 year old daughter to Marty Deeks Ncis Los Angeles Season two-three

  • Love Wins
    474 12 4

    Dean Callen the young brother to Agent G Callen Ncis la season two - ? Marty Deeks x Male oc

  • Sam Winchester's daughter [Rewriting]
    1.5K 30 7

    Iesballa "Bella" Winchester, 10-year-old daughter to Sam Winchester and niece to Dean Winchester. She travels with them and saves the world. [season 11-12) Book 1

  • Eldest Winchester brother (Slow Update)
    1.6K 52 11

    Rick Winchester eldest son of John and Mary Winchester, an oldest brother to Dean and Sam Winchester "I'll do anything to protect my baby brothers" Rick to Bobby "Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business" Rick to his brothers [S1-7]