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    3.4K 190 36

  • Hakuba×Kaito KID/Kuroba Kaito pairings
    5.3K 159 8

    Just a couple of one shots or more concerning one of my favorite ships- I know there are a lot of people who don't ship Hakukai but I guess that's mostly because of two reasons... 1. Nobody watched Magic Kaitou: KID the Phantom Thief 2. Nobody appreciated in Magic Kaitou 1412 Hakuba's episode to shine Cuz indeed, thes...

  • Catch me, Earn me (Shinkai)
    24.9K 715 7

    *Completed* Shinichi has a crush on the marvellous phantom thief Kaito KID since the first time they met. But the thief seems to enjoy playing with him despite knowing about his love interest. Kaito KID will stay forever a tease, he needs to enchant his audience after all~ Shinichi breathed out, exhausted, his lungs p...

  • The Secret of Hakuba Saguru's Diary [SaguKai]
    2.8K 71 3

    Kuroba Kaito found a notebook- more like a diary- under Hakuba Saguru's table. Being a troublemaker he is, he took the book without knowing the consiquences of it. Saguru turned into a different person after that. More skittish and scared. What will Kaito do once he discovers the secret of Hakuba Saguru's diary? What...

  • To chase a phantom (Hakuba×Kaito) (Under EDITING)
    6.7K 237 7

    [Completed] It wasn't that Kaito hated Saguru Hakuba. In fact, toying around with this detective sure was highly amusing to him and fascinated him all over. But in the end, he shouldn't expect no revenge. It was only that Hakuba finally got a hold of him which made the magician grow concious of him. To fall for his c...

  • Secret Night
    10K 182 1

    What happens when Shinichi brings Kaito up to his house which he is severely injured? But as you might not know, they are lovers. [Shinichi x Kaito Pairing] -------- Author's note: So hey! Lets make Shinichi the dominant one instead of Kaito. too much of Kaito being the dominant one so lets switch things up. This was...

  • Reality is Our True Nightmare
    1.1K 57 1

    Kuroba Kaito, a magician with an appreciation towards the great detective of the east, Kudou Shin'ichi. A tale that follows the six months after Kaito gains enough courage to confess his love to Shin'ichi.

    Completed   Mature
  • Nymph of my mind
    32.3K 742 30

    Because Kaito and Shinichi were meant to be together and indulge in sometimes weird, sometimes cute things.