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  • Jared's Sister, Jensen's Wife
    5.9K 285 10

    •BOOK 2 OF THE JSJL SERIES• Finally, everything started to fall into place. Your character on the show was kept on for another season, Laney decided to buy an apartment in Vancouver so she could see you more often, Jared has supported you through every decision you've made, you started to move in with your new husband...

  • Buying Dean the Hunter
    25.5K 842 6

    In the future every estate owner needs a hunter to make a living. One such day you'd go to the market to buy one of the best.

  • Jared's Sister, Jensen's Lover
    229K 9.1K 52

    •BOOK 1 OF THE JSJL SERIES• Dreaming to be an actor takes a lot of work. And when your older brother Jared landed you a spot on the show Supernatural, your dream got a step closer to becoming a reality. But things may become a little bit harder when you crush on your brothers' co-star/best friend Jensen and an unknown...

  • Accidents Don't Just Happen Accidentally - Jensen Ackles
    39K 1.7K 8

    You're an actress on set of Supernatural and your character has a love interest with one of the Winchesters. Sam and Dean aren't the only ones taking a liking to you, but Jared and Jensen as well. ALTERNATE ENDINGS