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  • The Survivors (The Survivors, #1) [SAMPLE]
    6.6K 713 40

    AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! Links are in the story and my profile! [SAMPLE - FIRST 3 CHAPTERS!] Xander is sixteen. He lives in a crumbling building in the Estate with a small group of others. As far as they know they are the only survivors. Xander and his best friend Vicky are Scavengers - they have to scavenge simply to...

  • Star Hunter
    24.7K 1.4K 8

    Our favourite stories are about heroes, about good triumphing over evil. We want to hear epic tales of selfless people performing great deeds and overcoming insurmountable odds. If that's the kind of story you're expecting, then you'd best get back to whatever alternate dimension you came from. They call me Trig. I'm...

  • The Rain (Part III of the Runner Series)
    172K 9.8K 41

    The conclusion of The Runner series. ================================== Half a year has passed since the fall of Babel. In that time, tales of the Runner have drifted from truth into legend. There are stories of a thief who toppled an empire, whispers about a hero who sacrificed everything to free us from the iron gri...

  • Curfew
    11.5K 684 10

    Everyone in the After knows there's a curfew. It's an unspoken, unofficial rule that everyone follows. From eight at night until eight in the morning you had to be inside a secure shelter. Well, technically you didn't have to...but if you didn't you would either get killed, eaten, or dismembered to the point where you...

  • Snippets
    847 78 10

    You. Sitting at your desk, or perhaps scrolling through your phone or slouching on the couch in your living room. You are so far ahead of this that you may not even relate in the slightest. But this. This was your corrupted beginning. Before the world was wiped fresh, this is what you were. ... It was the worst of ti...

  • Within the Walls
    195K 11.1K 41

    Before the rising seas could cease their destruction, a virulent plague killed off billions of the adult population, leaving the young immune to survive. Together they built the Floodgates to protect themselves from the relentless surges of an ocean gone wild. Within the walls, they built a new society. 109 years lat...

  • The Burn (A Runner Series Companion)
    124K 5.7K 18

    A companion to The Runner series. ================================== You already know the hero. Now, meet the survivors. Friends, enemies, Intacts and Fragments. These are their stories.

  • Jumper [Book One Of The Clara Conn Trilogy] *ON HOLD*
    89.6K 5.3K 32

    [N E E D S S E R I O U S E D I T I N G] ↓↓↓↓↓ I've never understood why the world finds a need for war even after our universe has crashed, even after our home has been turned to nothing more than a pile of ash and there is no one strong enough to fight. Some call us monsters, some call us heroes, some say we were...

  • Irregular (A Dystopian Novel)
    11.4K 353 19

    Sixteen year old, Eric Winslow, lives in a world where being smarter than the government, being physically strong and intelligent, could kill you. The United States was destroyed in a world war, creating a broken and helpless society. So, The Advisor stood up and led the people, bringing the shattered pieces of a dyi...

  • All Is Silence - Deserted Lands #1
    1.6M 92.6K 107

    ALL IS SILENCE finished #37 of 151 for Wattpad's Story of the Year! Also a WATTYS 2015 - Dream Collections Winner! Thanks to everyone who added me to their collections! You made my year! The sequel, STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, is available in print and e-book on all major ebook sites. If you are interested in hearing abou...

  • The Numbered
    5.5M 209K 76

    Imagine the second you're born, a consultant removes you from your mother's grasp and runs a battery of genetic and physiological tests on you. Thirty minutes later they give you a score out of one hundred which denotes your level of perfection. If your score is above eighty and you work hard to maintain that score yo...

  • The Wastelands (Part II of the Runner Series)
    1.2M 69.8K 53

    Part 2 of The Runner series. ================================== The Runner's Rebellion was only the beginning. Tensions run high as the City struggles to repair itself after a civil war. Intacts and Fragments fight to find themselves a place in the new order amid whispers of a Queen being unfit to rule. The delicate b...

  • The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series)
    3M 144K 53

    The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shadowy desert warriors. As a desperate bid to save what remains of humanity, society has been split into two distinct classes, nicknamed the Court and th...

  • The Truly Divine
    7.7K 294 14

    In a future society Eliza Harold seems only interested in the old ways of the world. However, being apart of the higher society means there is no room for the thought of rebellion, but what happens when someone crashes into the perfect life that was crafted for her? Will she find out what she truly believes in? Or f...

  • Reunited: A Legend Novel | ✓ (#Wattys2014)
    23.4K 855 32

    Continued ending to Legend by Marie Lu June's life is put into danger and she needs to choose between saving her country and her loved one-- two of the things she cares most about. A bigger and new threat arises and Day's memories are being tampered with by someone. Can Day fight back and retain his original memories...