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  • Robo: Interfector
    507 95 36

    One year after the world-altering events of The Spectacular Sick Shot, a new threat rises from the rubble. Bridger Vaughn Zaire had cut ties with his father and his sister years ago- he didn't approve of their lives as the supposed heroes Roboman and Scarlet Armor. He left the Vaughn Zaire Corporation, the world's le...

  • Half Hope, Half Love
    11K 1K 10

    "Let me go, Heath. You know it's wrong." I whispered, as he shifted himself closer towards me. "What's wrong with me hugging you?" I took a deep breath. "You just got cheated on by my sister who you were about to marry in some weeks! Not to mention, you loved her so much you fought against your whole family to marry...

  • The Wings of Storm
    8.6K 1.4K 52

    Tahro Akagi shouldn't live in two worlds at once. Yet, forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. In a moment of desperation, Tahro's soul splits in two. While one of his selves remains in Japan, the other finds himself in Saishuu Riku, the lands of his favourite book. Engrosse...

  • A Glitch In Heaven
    1.8K 331 53

    Happiness is a luxury Eileen could never effort. Not when it meant living her impeccably planned life and not when it meant having a gentle, sugary love story to tell. Being brutally and thoroughly raped to insignificance, Eileen Diaz is now a Chiraptophobic. A girl who is intolerant to intimate touches from anyone...

  • ✔THE STING (onc-19)
    1.3K 184 19

    Kai is a slave, like any other person on board the ship, RMZ-1588. His simple life demands nothing more than a bucket of sweat and a bowl full of tasteless gruel to stay alive. And then there is his little sister- ChuChip, his angel, his breath, his soul. To keep her happy, a made-up fable is enough, she'd go on liste...

  • Dark Visions
    12.6K 1.2K 20

    Maxine Shepard is a tarot reader who has survived several traumas in her twenty-five years of life. Without living parents, trusty friends, or a loyal partner, she is unfulfilled and lonely, seeking meaning outside of her tarot shop. Bombarded with visions of a mysterious man with a strange tattoo, Maxine's world is...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐞 𝐎𝐟 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐞
    18.2K 15.8K 94

    * 𝐂𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐄𝐃 * 🎖FEATURED ON THE OFFICIAL CRIME PAGE 🎖FEATURED ON THE OFFICIAL MYSTERY PAGE 🎖FEATURED ON THE YAMYSTERY PAGE 🎖The Open Novella Contest ( LONGLIST) 🎖The Dreamland Awards ( Winner - Most Original ) 🎖The Genre Contest ( Winner - Top List ) __________________________________________ * 𝐂𝐨�...

  • Otherworldly Beasts : Finding the Royals (ONC Entry)
    697 105 11

    |SHORT LIST ONC 2019| This is my OpenNovellaContest2019 entry. Prompt used: Strange Beasts (Children's Fiction) Sarah is ten and too old to believe in fairy tales. Her brother, at seven, still loves a good bedtime story though. When Lucas, who is diagnosed with dyslexia, finds an old picture book of their grandmother...

  • NinRai - MissAdventures For Two (Published)
    3K 368 18

    Two bounty hunters, Kairo and Arubi, are traveling to the Waslan City to pick a bounty, exploring a crazy fantasy world full of puns. Wacky adventure alert! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In a faraway land behind three towering mountains and two wavering rivers, two bounty hunters cross a fantasy world full of crazy adv...

    40K 7.1K 22

    Him. Life wasn't easy for him in the past. He was kind and caring until he learned how the world treated us in return of kindness. He swore, swore that he would be back for revenge. He would be feared by all. No one will dare to look his way let alone defy him. He would create blood wars without batting an eyelash...

  • The Girl With Hallucinations
    484 125 8

    Rosie Um, you know what ? Let's not call her that. Rose Much better thank you Has PTSD Yes you read that right. Post traumatic stress disorder. Following a major breakdown her father is forced to send her to 'The Estalida Facility' Cause it's time. It's time to deal with the trauma that happened when she was 8 years o...

  • Vuelie
    211 29 4

    When the kingdom of Heilgarðr is invaded by an unknown force from beyond the sea, Prince Eldfÿr rushes for help from allied lands. Little does he know, their situation is not that far from Heilgarðr's own fate. With no safe haven for the free people of Esnar, an unlikely fellowship is formed to seek out the legendary...

  • Ruin Me
    724 114 8

    When Blake Cruz finally comes back to the town she calls 'home' after two years, she immediately notices that something was amiss. Not to forget the creepy notes and messages she keeps receiving from a mysterious '~Yours Truly'. What happens when she realizes that there was a serial killer on the loose and she was pr...

  • West of Nothing
    26.3K 3.5K 61

    When a sorority prank with a microbot lands him in hot water, university student Mason Donnelly is recruited to work on a secret project at a remote research facility. As the newest member of a team of brilliant misfits, he must help reverse engineer a new class of robot with capabilities beyond anything they thought...

  • Their Elemental Curse
    5.3K 503 62

    Shimizu Hada, is a shy, socially awkward teenage boy, who is one of the many with unhuman powers, caused by experiments that happened to them at a young age. The world knows them as "The Experimented People". One day in school, he meets three others with powers as well and befriends them. As their friendship becomes s...

  • The Dreamwalker [ON HOLD]
    6.2K 1.6K 24

    The Dreamwalker is on hold. It's getting ready for the #WATTYS2019! There are a few things that I need to work on before I can upload the next chapter. Though, it won't be on hold for long! So please don't hold back from reading and commenting. I love getting feedback from readers, and I love seeing you all engage wit...

  • 1960 London Love
    2.6K 560 27

    "True Love is a myth, but True Friendship isn't." Meera Bhandarkar, a town legend is asked to narrate her six decades-old epic sagas of love, friendship, and heartbreak in which she has to go on a journey across seven seas in order to find her hus...

  • More to Life
    15K 1.9K 118

    When her first love falls apart, a family-loving, Filipina-Canadian foodie must choose between her unwavering feelings for him or escaping to a foreign country. Maria struggles as the effects of Adrian's emotional abuse challenge her family's advice to move on. After she fails to prove her love for her insecure ex-par...

  • A Woman's Touch(Sample-Only on Dreame)
    81.9K 1K 8

    Join the world of the poor and the proper of two women colliding. BDSM, heathens, love, sex and obsession brings the whirl wind of two people committing to one another in this dangerous attraction. When one girl leaves home to the big Apple nothing will ever be the same, for better or for worse. Enjoy. (Rated R for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Encounters With a Mythic: Three Degrees of Obsession
    344 26 9

    It was only supposed to be a quick visit to her office and back. The last thing Dr. Michelle Baker envisioned for her day was to be hanging from a skyscraper and being rescued by an actual vampire. One whose handsome and pained faced made the psychologist within her ache to unravel his mind as she tries to understand...

  • Magic's Minister [COMPLETED]
    121K 9.3K 57

    Feared by his enemies and tolerated by his allies, Sedgewick Alverdyne, the cynical Minister of Magic, was content with living an attachment-free life whilst striking fear into the hearts of witches, sorceresses, and wizards everywhere. And after several hundred years of faithfully serving the royal family, he's becom...

  • Scorned - REMOVED
    2.6M 211 5

    *THIS BOOK HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM WATTPAD* Valentina Stone's life as a noble ends brutally at the hands of the royal family. Chasing rumours of dragons and magic, she will have her revenge... ***** Valentina Stone is the daughter of a duchess, force...

  • Shadow Road: Book 1 of the Shadows Rising Trilogy
    23K 2.3K 58

    Brenorra Warring's father is going crazy. That's the only conclusion Bren can make when a fire destroys everything they own, and his answer is to take a job in the uncivilized Coalition Colonial Region on the other side of the ocean. Then disaster strikes again. Her father is lost at sea, and Bren is left with nothin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Birthright
    34.8K 1.8K 8

    The Cartwright clan has worked the farm for almost a century. On the surface, they are prosperous pillars of the community. But once a generation, a wicked harvest must be reaped, to ensure that the family never falls. The appointed time for Joshua Cartwright's offspring approaches. He has to remind himself that we al...

  • Tears of a lost soul (T.O.L.S. Book 1) ✔
    10.3K 869 104

    Young Bathe always wondered about the endless forests and mazes of mountains that surrounded his village and why no one dared to step near them. Elders spoke the tales of an undead evil sleeping deep inside the forests that must not be woken. It all appeared true to Bathe until one day he came across a mysterious man...

  • Wolf Child - Lìfa-saga Book 1
    5.4K 942 18

    When her village gets burnt down to the ground, the young viking warrior Lìfa discovers the dark secrets of her past. To fulfill her fate she sets sail on the whale road with twelve mighty warriors on a quest for revenge, gold... and Midgard's most powerful weapon! Can she accept her legacy and become the leader she n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood War (Book 1, the Halfblood Chronicles)
    285K 14.5K 89

    Nika, a halfblood vampire, faces conspiracies and dark magic during a hunt for her best friend - whose kidnapping has sparked a war between supernaturals. ***** Lurking in the shadows of the human world are Daemonstri - beings akin to vampires, witc...

  • A Year At The Opera
    1.2K 32 25

    'When you're sixteen, everything is a soap opera.' Summer is finally over. The town of Athea can once again return to its boring schedule. That is, until an accident. An accident that changes everyone. Mostly, it changes sixteen-year-old Aaron Adler. His life is torn apart when his father, the only man in his life wh...

  • Rediscover
    819 103 15

    SARA GOENKA'S life had been perfect up until she was kicked to the curb. Escaping from the city of lights, she returned to the other place she called home-Kolkata. Memories resurfaced, unresolved fights brewed yet again, but amidst this storm that had shaken up her life, would she finally manage to find her way back h...

  • Cupid Rhymes With Stupid - 愚蠢的傻瓜 (BL)
    21.5K 2.1K 31

    Six crazy teenagers, three extraordinary couples, and one dangerous journey. Join this group of young adults in China, as they embark on a trip full of thrill, happiness, pain, and sorrow. But as Cupid crashes and pushes them into the pit of love, the adventure suddenly takes an uncanny turn. Will they find the life...