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  • Fell in the Forest ( A Dear Evan Hansen Fan Fic )
    14K 694 25

    A story in which Evan falls and Connor offers to go with him. (I found this picture on google, and I have no idea whose it is. I take no credit for it whatsoever.) (I own none of the characters, just the plot.) Trigger warning: anxiety, suicide, suicidal thoughts, depression, self harm. It isn't always rainbows and...

  • Treebros Correction Camp
    48.5K 1.7K 12

    This was created by me on my Treebros oneshot. So I decided to make it its own story. Where Connor is taken to a camp, thinking it's to correct his sexuality. Though it's run by Heidi so she can help them feel accepted with her son Evan. Nice fluff (maybe smut as well) her for Treebros, boyf riends, and aronsbros.

  • Words Fail
    27.6K 930 32

    **This is a Mute!Evan AU with Treebros. I advise against reading if you do not like the ship between Connor Murphy and Evan Hansen. Also there are some spoilers to the Novel, so be warned! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!** **Trigger Warnings; Attempted suicide, mentions of depression drug overdose & slightly descriptive...

  • Clarity (Treebros Pastel Connor and Punk Evan)
    1.2K 38 8

    Evan Hansen doesn't have much money, and he is a complete rebel. His mom trys really hard to get closer, but as always fails. He however had a crush, Connor Murphy, yes he was Gay. He couldn't even talk to him, but he could talk back to teacher, the principal, and his mom. But why would a kid that's so sweet and drenc...

  • DEH Prompts || Requests Open
    28.5K 1.4K 83

    Mostly drabbles about Connor Murphy. Requests are open!

  • Misguided Ghosts | TREEBROS
    6.5K 192 12

    Connor and Evan didn't know each other aside from a few altercations here and there. But on the first day of senior year, Evan sees something inside Connor that he didn't notice before... and it causes him to feel something 'different'. When Connor commits suicide Evan is left devastated, only to visit the anxious boy...

  • Sincerely, Tree
    317 44 10

    so like it's an AU where Connor didn't die and Evan and Connor are best friends ooh but what happens when they become friends with benefits heheheh

  • Loser -a treebros fanfic-
    12.2K 436 33

    Connor Murphy is a sad loser who doesn't feel like trying to be anything more than a stereotype. Evan Hansen is a anxious loser who is trying to be better than what he is, but his disorder won't let him. What happens when two losers' worlds collide?

  • Him Of All People? (Tree Bros)
    36.3K 1.3K 15

    (Cover Artist is Trashcass) I jumped awake from a nightmare and felt cold sweat covering my body. I wiped the tears from the dream and pushed myself into a sitting position. I felt relief wash over me as I pieced back my reality from the dream. In the nightmare I began fighting with my mom and Zoe again then I, I-I ki...

  • Friends with the Babysitter (a Dear Evan Hansen Fanfic)
    17.5K 852 34

    Connor's mother hires a companion--no not THAT kind of companion--like a friend, for him. Of course that friend is everyone's favorite Evan Hansen, the shy, quiet, anxious boy. Will the druggie, disrespectful, nuisance fall for our innocent tree-loving friend or will his evil antics destroy him first? How will their...

  • Making Memories (treebros)
    85.5K 3.3K 18

    Dear Evan Hansen Fanfic. ConnorxEvan, because there is never enough fanfiction with these two I'll put trigger warnings before chapters Hope you enjoy!

  • The Acorn and the Fish {Tree Bros} [HIATUS]
    39.7K 1.9K 14

    Everyone at school had always seen Connor as a freak with extreme anger problems. At the beginning of 9th grade he became the school stoner and still is, but Connor had a huge and quite odd secret that only his family knows. He distanced himself from others, had no friends, and was extremely lonely and depressed, but...

  • for forever; tree bros
    24.9K 1.4K 22

    "love can't save me." ⚠️ TW for suicide and mental illness

  • Treebros Oneshots ❤️
    63.6K 1.1K 47

    Btw, there's gonna be a few Headcannons here and there. CONNOR DOESNT DIE EVAN DOESNT EFF STUFF UP CONNOR'S FAMILY IS A LITTLE BIT MORE BETTER CONNOR AND EVAN LIVE TOGETHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Btw, I ship Connor and Evan A LOT *And I have a crush on Connor Murphy and Mick Faist soooo DONT JUDGE MEH)

  • And Forgetting Them (connorxevan sequel)
    38K 1.5K 17

    (ConnorxEvan) This is a sequel. So if you haven't, then please go read the first one.

  • Sincerely, Me
    50.9K 2.8K 24

    Connor x Evan Treebros Texting Au. I'm lazy and can't write summaries, oops

  • Dear Connor Murphy!{COMPLETED}
    13.1K 302 30

    This is a DEH fanfic where Connor isn't dead and has a crush on Evan!

  • Sincerely Yours- A Dear Evan Hansen Fanfiction
    88.6K 4.7K 43

    •Evan, a depressed and lonely teenager, finds love and hope in the mostly unlikely place. The Murphy house• All rights reserved 2017©

  • Two friends, True friends (Connor X Evan) [remake]
    166K 7.8K 60

    (Theatre kids AU, includes Heathers :))

  • Red Eyes {TreeBros}
    2.4K 91 14

    Evan and Connor have a deal. They both meet on the roof of their apartment every New Years, and share a kiss. Until, on the third year, something goes wrong. COVER CHANGE

  • Down // TreeBros ·· Soulmate AU
    157K 7K 29

    Huge thanks to @Saphirdrache / @Zitronendrache for the amazing cover. I absolutely love it. The world was always black and white. You always felt empty. They would always promise you that there's someone for you. All you have to do is kiss them and the world will turn right side up... ...They pray that it will turn ri...

  • Deh/Bmc Oneshots
    51.3K 1.7K 51


  • He Signed My Cast {Connor x Evan}
    70.6K 2.6K 26

    Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy are two totally different people. Connor is that school shooter type person that everyone fears and Evan is the shy guy that no one notices. They both have their personal problems. On their first day of Senior Year, they meet and become somewhat friends. Evan eventually ends up having fe...

  • but not because we're gay//treebros
    87.9K 4.6K 34

    Dear Evan Hansen. Today is going to be an amazing day and here's why.

  • You Still Matter | treebros
    53.4K 2.7K 25

    in which connor and evan go through a rollercoaster of a relationship, with a secret that never should have been kept.

  • Dear Evan Hansen One Shots!
    17.5K 914 37

    Dear Evan Hansen AND Be More Chill (only really boyf riends though) one shots based off my fanfic and it's sequel. You don't have to have read them, but it would greatly benefit due to some new characters. This will probably have AUs as well. I take requests!

  • Broken Hearts - TreeBros
    158K 6K 81

    Evan has always felt like no one was there for him most of his life. Evan hasn't had any friends and feels lonely most of the time and his anxiety doesn't help him with those feelings. One day Evan meets Connor Murphy and things start to develop. Will they be just friends or will they be more than that in the future? ...

  • TreeBros One-Shots♡
    106K 3.2K 68

    Ideas I Get From My Brain 《WARNINGS》 I Make Typos 24/7 And I'm Just A Dummy That Doesn't Make Sense

  • Tree Bros One Shots
    101K 3.5K 64

    I write a lot on tumblr so I'm going to post all of them here. I hope you enjoy them. I will put any possible triggers at the beginning of the chapter.

  • -Reaching Out-(Treebros)
    53K 2.2K 25

    Cover by @LapidotFreak Connor has been through some rough shit; his parents think he's always high, they always take Zoey's side, and he's never taken seriously. But to top it all off, he doesn't have anyone to talk to about this all. He's know as the "school shooter", and people often try to find a reason to fuck wit...