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  • Shards
    2.9K 363 49

    Being the daughter of the most powerful people in a prosperous country has given Octavia numerous responsibilities, burdens, and a target on her back. This target has been constantly aimed at since she was a child and is aimed at again when Octavia, along with others, is abducted by members of the Chrome Rebellion - t...

  • Shadows in the Trees: Book 1
    15.7K 1.7K 64

    Thousands of years ago, a powerful Fae witch created the cursed White Forest to protect the Sylph and Fae from slaughter at the hands of humans led by the prophet Malachi. Now, the forest unites several characters as their stories intertwine, and ultimately lead them on a quest to save their world as they know it. (Co...

  • Warwielder - Book 1 of The Evernoth Odyssey
    4.4K 398 24

    Marschal's down on his luck. He's a remnant of a fallen empire that once spanned several conquered nations. Now he's forced to struggle through day-to-day life with too many enemies on his tail. But all that changes when a stranger offers to grant him what he wants most. But at a price. For there is a mysterious lady...