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  • Alpha Kai
    45 5 2

    Kofi just wants her senior year of high school to be average and normal. But when the new boy Kai comes, her life flips upside down. But hey, who likes normal and average anyway?

    481 102 8

    Random one shots :- 1. A Dream 2. A Promise 3. A Commitment 4. A Relationship 5. A Lifetime Happy reading. ❤

  • The Nerd who BLEW my MIND(on Hold) 🙏
    716 233 26

    Audrey Anderson a simple girl who falls for the Hottest guy in School...Blake Andrew.... who ends up screwing her over and let her get trampled on by people in school and the one's she love, She leaves Northcrest High and comes back like a shoker and Blowing the mind of the guy who broke her to know wha...

  • love me more
    113 29 9

    I love u he said keep DAT love to yourself u selfish idiot , Christina said with tears in her eyes she walked away Not everybody has a good marriage the story is twisted and heartbreaking find out if Christina will find love peace and joy or will she be heartbroken just find out yourself it's interesting to know the...

  • Before March Comes (Editing)
    1.3K 533 51

    (Completed ❤️) No one really knows why it is so stormy all the time during February. Although it is forbidden to go outside, 17 year old Alexandra (Alex) Smith can't help but be drawn to the outdoors. As soon as February comes the weather drastically changes from the sun shining to pure hell. She later discovers tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Memories of my Heart (UNEDITED)
    1K 319 14

    can you find love in the most unimaginable way ever??Follow the story of "Hallelujah James" an orphan who takes up acting as an hobby. And, Stephen bank a billionaire and CEO of the BK group of industries... They met, got to know each other and fell in love.. But with Raymond Bank (Stephens father) saying that Halle...

  • The Common Man
    223 114 3

    A collection of poems talking about the average man who is regarded as common because he's seen everywhere.

  • Beautiful Soul
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    A poem which talks about the beauty of the human soul Thank you so much for the beautiful cover @xPandorablex

  • My Mother's love
    431 108 2

    It's about mother's love towards her children,mothers have the greatest love on earth.

    404 129 14

    "So we're all targets for a bloodthirsty vampire whom we don't even know?" Amber was feeling tensed. "Oh my God, I still can't believe they exist." "They do," Lorna's voice seemed to crack. "You just didn't know about them, until now." Like lifting a rock and finding a whole squirming world of life underneath it, Cort...

  • Damned but mine
    11.1K 2.5K 48

    "How can I let go of someone, whose just a mere touch of the hand could be so hot?" Nick West, a 17 year old popular football player in Chicago had to leave his life behind when his father was granted a job in New York City. Like every other kid, he wasn't too happy and thought everything was so messed up but what co...

  • There's lust and then there's eve - Book 1 of the Batman series {COMPLETED} ☑️
    44.1K 4.6K 53

    I love the depth and content of this book, and I have fallen in love with Eve, Segun, Dipo & Ebere's character: patriciaomonuq. I'm so much in love with this book. The author did a wonderful job in portraying Segun's character. I had to check if the author is a male: Eseokhia. I'm hooked on Segun like a junky is hooke...

  • The Uncle | Illicit Desires #2
    10.3M 211K 18

    Lysandra has never met anyone like Mikel Silvetti, too bad her mother is marrying his brother... like this tale isn't screwed up enough, it just so happens Mikel hides a dark possessive monster within him. The beast has finally found his delectable beauty and Mikel seems to be losing all control. Mikel...

    Completed   Mature