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  • Damned If I Do *Matt Murdock* (book one of Damned)
    61.1K 1.6K 39

    Dropping out of college after two years and an unpleasant break-up, Vera needs a change - so when she gets an opportunity to spend some time in US, she doesn't hesitate and grab it firmly. She wasn't sure what she expected when she decided to do so, but gaining a friend whose middle name should be tornado and meeting...

  • Of Crack and Crackers *Matt Murdock * Damned If I Do coda
    259 19 1

    ... or what might and might not happened. Crack. There is no better word for it. Probably not even a screenplay. There are like millions of Matt meeting the Avengers fics out there, so... my short and crackish version related to Damned If I Do. Set after chapter 24) ...I'm just giving in Not a standalone. Not necessar...

  • One Bright Moment (Is All I Ask) *Matt Murdock* Damned If I Do Coda
    625 24 2

    Aka Christmas at Nelsons. Foggy's mum invited Matt's girlfriend for Christmas as well. It was a really sweet gesture, except it scared Vera out of her mind. It goes as well as expected. Damned If I Do coda, set after epilogue, before Of Guilty Saints And Innocent Sinners. Possibly a standalone...?

  • Of Reluctant Allies (The 9+1 Rule For Survival)*SPN x Daredevil*Damned If I Do
    796 27 4

    In which Dean and Sam meet the Devil who may care and his little sister who may not be his little sister, everyone has a fake alias and bleeds too much, Claire is not amused and Matt should probably admit that this time, he is actually way over his head. More or less in that order. Might work a STANDALONE, even though...

  • Of Guilty Saints and Innocent Sinners *Matt Murdock* Damned If I Do coda
    545 16 2

    She was a victim of a kidnapping and since masked vigilantes aren't exactly trustworthy (or have permanent address for that matter), she is the only witness apart from the cops who found her. Vera knows she will close the chapter named Officer Collins once for all, but here is one thing she has to manage before that...

  • Damned If I Don't *Matt Murdock* (book two of Damned)
    22.3K 654 47

    After moving to Hell's Kitchen, settling down and somehow winning the sympathy of the Devil, Vera is happy. There were sure more than a few bumps on the road, but now they are all overcome and she has an amazing (a little reckless and a little much heroic) boyfriend, couple of good friends, steady job and relative non...

  • Keep On Hoping *Matt Murdock* Daredevil x Arrow x Damned If I Don't coda
    417 17 2

    In which Oliver is kind of an egotistical D until he's not, Foggy is a D as well (with a reason though), Diggle is being a father despite not having actual kids, Felicity meets someone who put their feet in their mouth almost as often as she does, Terri is everything but subtle about her crush and Vera learns Hawkeye...

  • Crawl Home to Her *Matt Murdock*
    335 13 1

    He knows he should have been faster. Try harder. He knows it's his fault. But she will do anything to convince him otherwise, he knows that too. She won't blame him. And while she will believe what she'll say, it won't make it actual truth. He goes to her anyway. Works as a STANDALONE or part of 'Damned' verse.

  • Here's To Us *Damned Coda* Matt Murdock*
    3.1K 100 12

    In which Matt finally meets the family, pets Brett, attends a wedding, reveals some of his less dark secrets and gives yet another reasons to be loved for. Basically an excuse to write a shameless fluff. With just a little bit of smut. Set after the epilogue of Damned If I Don't.

  • ...And The World Was Gone *Matt Murdock*
    3K 105 11

    Waking up in hospital sucked. Waking up in hospital without a clue of what happened to get him there was worse. Finding everyone thinking he apparently dreamed up the events of the past year, while being in a coma for three months, was... paralyzing. And things were only about to get worse from there.

  • Cups *Damned coda*Matt Murdock*
    994 28 4

    Matt Murdock is a man on a mission. It has nothing to do with him being Daredevil (maybe just a little), yet it's possibly the scariest thing he ever needed to do. God help him. Basically a retold story of 'Damned' with few Matt's inside looks. Aka how to squeeze over 400 000 words in a one-part fluffy fic with an imp...

  • All Roads Lead to Hell *Matt Murdock* (book three of Damned-3a)
    4.8K 196 18

    It was just a matter of time before their happy bubble would burst. Things were going too well. The Earth is shaking under their feet and they only have a limited amount of options. In the end, it doesn't matter. Whatever they do, whichever path they choose, they are damned. All roads lead to hell. Matt, Vera and th...

  • Ready to Suffer, Ready to Hope *Matt Murdock* (book three of Damned-3b) x Arrow
    3K 135 15

    How to deal with your fiancée almost getting voluntarily buried alive under a building together with his basically dead ex; a manual by V.M.: 1) freak out 2) take off the ring 3) run 4) find another vigilante at whose couch you can crush on 5) think about what happened as little as possible, or, well, try . . 10) thin...

  • Face to Face with Someone New *Damned coda* Matt Murdock*
    476 28 3

    In the time of crisis, it seems the Avengers are never there for them. To make up their previous and possibly future absence, they want to offer a late engagement gift or an early wedding one. Their new member, the Scarlet Witch, might be able to help with that. Yes, it's another 'Matt can see fic'. Yes, there is fluf...

  • Things Unseen, Things Unheard *Matt Murdock*Daredevil x Supernatural* Damned*
    848 28 9

    In which Matt's fiancée meets her father-in-law-to-be, Sam and Dean care and no one remembers they have already met them. Also, the whole 'meet the parent' thing is a bit alarming, considering Jack is dead - does it mean she is as well? Possibly standalone. Probably works better if you at least check out my fic "Of Re...

  • The Devil on Our Backs*Matt Murdock*Daredevil x The Flash* Damned*
    2.7K 87 19

    The Flash is recovering after Zoom's attack (the events of 2x06 Enter Zoom). What's better than a trip to New York City with his friends to remind him that he's also Barry Allen? If Cisco chooses Hell's Kitchen for his own reasons, no one needs to know. Matt Murdock is having the time of his life, balancing being a la...

  • All the Colours between Us *Matt Murdock*Daredevil*Damned*
    749 32 8

    -.-.- Part of the Damned series -.-.- "Are we still getting married?" Oh, Vera had no clue what madness she was starting when asking Matt that question. Yet, she couldn't bring herself to regret it. To be fair, it was her idea not to leave anyone uninvited in the first place. Aka Vera and Matt are (finally) getting ma...

  • Cut It Out and Restart *Daredevil*Damned*Agents of SHIELD*
    315 17 10

    The last book of the Damned series. It starts with a death. It continues with another one. And one more. Death is the end. But it can also be a beginning. She can't live with what happened. But just before she takes her own life, Phil Coulson pays her a visit in prison with an offer. She accepts. She dies. And a SHIEL...