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  • Adopted by Jonah marais ( COMPLETED)
    76.7K 1.2K 38

    Adopted: where a lonely girl that has been living in an orphanage for 9 years finally gets adopted by Jonah Marais and his parents, but little did she know she would get hurt and abused every single day then the only person that loves her and she loves leaves her behind. She had enough so she moved out and moved in wi...

  • Low-key | A Why Don't We Spy Novel ✓ (EDITING)
    61K 1.8K 46

    When International Pop Boy Band Sensation Why Don't We's lives are threatened, only one person is capable of helping them. The bloodthirsty, justice-seeking assassin, Agent Sun. Feeling degraded at her new bodyguard job, Agent Sun tried to keep her annoyance afloat, however, a certain blonde boy band member's attitude...

  • A secret love story || Jonah Marais
    7.9K 89 11

    Imagine this, you and your best friend are studying at the university in New York. Your grades are great and you like to go to school, actually you are a bit of the nerd in the class. You have no interest in the popular guys, but what if one of the most popular guys is interested in you? Will you fall in love with him...

  • Summer Romance • Jonah Marais
    45.5K 913 11

    You and your bestfriend Grace are extremely close, you spent all of your time together. You often talked about boys, she had a boyfriend but you didn't. She kept getting you dates with different guys but you never liked them, it was now summer and you decided not to think about boys until Graces brother came home from...

  • ✔︎ I Mean It || Jonah Marais
    55.4K 1.3K 20

    {completed} Highest ranking #425 in Crush Alison, a girl whose family life isn't the best, runs into the boy her best friend showed her on You now. Will they fall in love or will she forget what love is? (WARNING: VERY CLICHE. READ OT YOUR OWN RISK)

  • The Project // Daniel Seavey Fanfic
    39.5K 871 18

    First day of school for Daniel Seavey. He was greeted by the students, they're nice, he immediately gets new friends, and he already got so popular for his first day . I hope he gets the same luck when he gets partnered with Liv in a project. . Liv Rooney, or should I say the school's scary, creepy and not-to-mess-w...

  • THE SUICIDAL GIRL ~Jonah Marais Fanfic
    80.3K 1.7K 23

    I'm Laina Conor. I'm a girl with major depression. My parents died ever since I was little because of some enemies who were jealous of their life. My aunt died too and I had no one anymore I almost ended my life but one guy showed me that I'm not alone

  • ☾up in the clouds [✓]
    14.7K 609 12

    [𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕖𝕕] JORBYN ! -written by faith!

  • Third Paul ?
    82K 1.3K 133

    (I wrote this went I was a teen and going through some stuff read at your own risk.) Mackenzie Paul you know that last name right yes she is related to Logan and Jake . Mackenzie sings and dances . But what happens when she meets why don't we will she catch feelings for one of them ?

  • Why Don't We Supernatural | a Why Don't We story
    8.3K 154 14

    After the mysterious radioactive lightning struck some teenagers were tent to get these superpowers, Jade is one of them.When he get caught by government, she was told that she was the strongest ones and she met her five new friends.Jade and five others were on the plan to stop this nonsense of the government hurting...

  • My Secret // Why Don't We imagine Z.H
    51.9K 692 20

    Diamond is a 16 year old who lives in LA and she is a mysterious person. No friends, but she has 2 older brothers.The oldest brother is Sam and the second brother is Mark. The 3 siblings have a big secret that is hard to keep but Diamond still chooses to go to school unlike her brothers that are schooled online. (Few...