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  • Rebel Worx - Anthology
    384 46 13

    A collection of creative writing from the Rebels. All the creative pieces in this anthology were inspired by prompts from the Graffiti creative writing prompt book on our profile, check it out! Get your write on!

  • Graffiti - Creative Writing
    1.5K 92 7

    #RebelCreations We revel in the art of writing so we dare you to find your inspiration and write the words to touch our rebel hearts. Practice makes perfect, so we recommend writing to improve your writing. Be a master of this beautiful art, let your creativity spill, and write for the sheer ecstasy of it.

  • Rebel Town Reviews [OPEN]
    14.9K 1K 112

    Hello and Welcome, We are proud to be hosting a place where you can receive a good honest opinion of your book. Our goal is to help our fellow Wattpaders improve their writing skills by giving them a platform where they can receive honest and constructive feedback. Love, xxRazmatazxx & Rasha007 Leaders of Rebel Town...

  • Rebel Betas [OPEN]
    7.3K 397 18

    A good dedicated beta is hard to find. But what better place to look than the town that is chalk full of talented reviewers and peer editors! We here at Rebel Town are invested in giving Wattpaders a chance to improve their writing skills, and in the vein of our Elite Book Club and Rebel Reviews, we'd like to offer a...

  • The Rebel Guidebook
    1.8K 195 15

    This is to help you navigate this profile. What we offer and how it works, a survival kit for the Rebel camp. Read It! Learn It! Love It!

  • Rebel Legends
    1K 93 11

    Hall of Fame, to honour all the Rebel Legends. Rebel Award Winners, creative writing winners, best reviewers or commenters and lastly best supporters. This book is to give recognition and acknowledge the effort of all the Rebels.

  • Rebel Wars - 2018 Awards [CLOSED]
    10.9K 347 19

    We've announced the winners, and now we get to kick back and party! Keep an eye on this book for all kinds of shoutouts, winner reviews, thank yous and fun! And of course, keep it in your library for news about future Rebel Wars. Cover by our Graphics Winner: @Sarah_Maclean!

  • The Rebel Elite - Book Club
    93.7K 3.8K 139

    Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and join in the riot! This is a place to be free, to express and to inspire. The main goal here is to support each other in all and any endeavors, be it...

  • Rebel Magazine
    827 128 7

    What's hot in Rebel town? Our Rebel Magazine is always on top of things. Come and take a closer look, meet our members, read about them, about their stories, their accomplishments, and about what news we dig out from all around the Wattpad.