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  • STRETCH or TANGLE • [J Hope] •
    215 27 7

    'He taps like a tangle twister when I stretch in the air. Only the difference is, his love is just as développé, while mine is like the tangled thread' Two different people guided by the same ambition and entangled by the almighty love. But what if the love abundant by a bountiful stubbornness of passion? "If this is...

  • Almost Lover
    2.5K 585 37

    [ BTS FF | MYG | JJK ] "I don't want you to be my 'almost', because almost is never enough." One girl. Two boys. Three different hearts. Will he wait? Will his feeling change? Will she fight or will she let go? 😻

  • Unconditionally [Book 2] | Jeon Jungkook **Now updating on Tuesday's**
    244K 15.8K 72

    They survived high school and overcame the obstacles that tried to break them apart. Together they adapt to college life and work, all while caring for their new baby. Now, two friends turned lovers prepare for their wedding. Life had other plans. The continuation of 40 Weeks. Bring tissues. Updates on Tuesday's, som...

  • S. Therapy ✔️
    6.9M 271K 54

    "If your husband won't please you, I will." - Kim Taehyung Bts Taehyung AU "Sex Therapy" Deleted at 1.31million views ©️_bangtanlove2018-2019

    Completed   Mature
  • The B.I.L.F
    608K 43.5K 33

    "Goddammit Von." Bts Yoongi AU **(Not a Y/n story)*** ©_bangtanlove2020

  • The Guy Next Door | JJK Short Story [COMPLETED]
    79.4K 2.3K 19

    "I know how to make your body sing. Do you really think I can't tell when you're lying?" --- After a one night stand with her hot new neighbor, Hana can't seem to get enough of Jungkook, craving him like an addiction. They are not in a relationship, but the tension between them is a ticking time bomb, ready to blow. W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Call Me Crazy
    193K 12.6K 10

    "I love it when you call me crazy." - Kim Taehyung. ©_bangtanlove2019

  • The Bridesmaid ✓
    1.5M 87.2K 64

    His finger traces my skin, his coffee brown eyes staring deep into mine as I feel chills run down my spine. "Taehyung." I call out his name, close to a whisper, afraid that someone might hear us. Why did being with him make me feel so good even though he wasn't mine to keep? [Highest Ranking: #1 in Fanfiction] Warnin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Perfect Ten ✔️
    10.7M 413K 94

    "I want to get you naked and I can't do it here." - Jeon Jungkook Bts Jungkook X Reader ©️_bangtanlove2018

    Completed   Mature
  • sister ー jjk
    2.3M 70.3K 102

    what happens when you finally meet your brother's youngest bandmate, who happens to be the same age as you and loved by millions? "Oh God! He is going to murder me!" "No, because I'll murder him." A story full of cuteness, video games, bickering, rivalry, competitiveness, bangtan, a great bestfriend and an over-protec...

  • My Perfect Ten ✔️
    1.4M 50.6K 22

    A spin-off of the book The Perfect Ten! (Not a sequel) ©️_bangtanlove2018-2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Forsaken|
    118K 7.1K 24

    "I'm not worthy of you, therefore I must leave you." •Second Book in the "Awaken" series• If you've stumbled across this book, please read "Awaken" first. *Kim Taehyung Vampire Fan Fiction *Mature (Adult Language, Adult Themes, Mild Violence ) 18+ *Original Character/Vampire Alternate Universe *COMPLETED **I do not o...

    Completed   Mature
  • star boy | j.jk
    274K 16.4K 75

    how often have you looked up at the sky, seen the stars and thought; wow, how can there be so much beauty too far for us to reach?

    466K 10.3K 32

    "We're getting married, but don't expect me to fall for you. This is all fake love." --- BOOK ONE IN THE FAKE LOVE SERIES --- Started: 2018/07/04 Ended: 2019/04/19 --- Highest Ranking: #4 in [fakelove] #27 in [jk] #20 in [btsjungkook] #74 in [âu] #20 in [kpopidols] #49 in [cheater] #40 in [jeon] #1 in [btsjk] #2 in [a...