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  • A King's Ransom
    1.2K 99 16

    Constantine "Antonio" Cline, the soft spoken, son of The Duke of Kinston and fiancé to the crown princess of the Lochshir. Yet, a life on the throne seemed bleak compared to the world where he would never see locked in the life of court and with a bride-to-be that he couldn't bring himself to love more than a friend...

  • The Price of Innocence (COMPLETED)
    277 0 21

    A 22 years old innocent guy begins to chat with a mature woman on internet while serving his millitary service. He meets her right after the dismissal from the service.Without knowing what to do with his life , he begins to meet her on regular basis and to get used to her and eventually finds himself at the center of...

  • Transformers Prime: Amulet of Life (#1) [Completed]
    81K 1.9K 37

    Lora Creed, a 15 year old girl, comes across a lost Cybertronian relic in the middle of Jasper Nevada. She is total unaware of what will happen to her life after that moment. Thrust into a world that is both unfamiliar and unnatural to her, Lora must trust her friends and rely on her new ones if she wants to make it t...

  • The Female Boss
    51.1K 1.9K 30

    You must have always read the story of the arrogant, rich, and handsome boss, who falls in love with the innocent, beautiful and feisty secretary? BUT.... What if the roles are reversed? What if the boss is a rude, cold - hearted, but gorgeous woman and her assistant is a handsome, flirty and carefree man? She's tr...

  • Her Underage Mistake...
    810K 18.3K 14

    I was pushed against the white board that I use to write the class assignments. My hands were pinned above my head with one hand while his free one slowly went down the curve of my body. His warm breath causing havoc on my ear and insides causing my breathing to become hitched. "I love how you react to me baby. I can...

  • Celeste and the Anahita
    1 1 1

    Celeste is feared by pirates across the seven seas. She is a pirate, and when she see Alec Flynn's crew, she sees opportunity for a hostage. Alec's crew is known as ruthless and young, but all Celeste seems to care about is that he has quite the lot of money. She then finds herself taking his first mate and brother Da...

  • The Gypsy Pirates
    76 6 6

    James Carson, a young cargo tradesman, has had nothing but tough luck since he set out on the high seas. But things go from bad to worse when he encounters the Black Skull Pirates who massacre his crew, take over his ship, and throw him into the sea to drown. Just when he thinks things can't get worse, he is rescued...

  • Temptations
    109K 6.2K 29

    Highest Rank: #10 in Adventure ======================================================================= Captain Gaspar is the most feared pirate in the world. He spends his days making trouble for the English militia. As the most bloodthirsty pirate, he runs the notorious yet secretive Pirate's Gulf. He leaves no...

  • Althea - The Female Alpha
    2.5M 78K 43

    '"Nobody leaves" Althea's voice boomed, stopping everyone in their track. Matt and Tray were shocked by the dominance her voice held. It was strange, she was a rogue but where was all the power coming from? they thought. "Nobody dares defy my command" Aries spat out each word, his voice too held dominance. He shouted...

  • The Lady Boss
    5.6K 167 16

    who says a lady Can't rule and be one of the most highly feared mafia bosses? Catharina's Job isn't easy, trying to manage her cartel and being hassled by the police, will she survive this cruel life? #1ranking in female boss I do not own any of the pictures attached to this book

    Completed   Mature
  • !!!!!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!! [ONHOLD] Alpha's Possessive Mate !
    182K 3K 25

    !!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! This Book Is Rated R. Strong Sexual Content. Adult language. 18 Yrs &' Older Preferred.

  • Broken
    74.6K 3.8K 42

    Claire Fox has taken over her father's multi million dollar company, after he retired. She was well taught by her father, and runs the company extremely well. However, she is referred to as 'the devil' by her employees. She has a tendency to be short, cold, stern, and harsh. When her assistant quits because of how she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss CEO | Harry Styles (AU)
    369K 10.7K 42

    Zoe Jenson, 23, overtook her parents company when she was only 20. All she ever does is work and with her business being her first priority it's hard for her new employee Harry Styles to break through her walls. ______________ August 2016 - January 2017 (COMPLETE/ UNEDITED) ______________ Rankings #42 story #1 enterpr...

  • The Female CEO's Agent
    155 19 5

    A girl named Park Min Hee is dreaming to be a CEO. So that dream of her has come to reality. She is the CEO of the company Hidden PS; Hidden Passion and the founder of the company. She hid her identity as the CEO of Hidden PS because she had an unkown feeling that she had to. A boy named Mo Seon Jae who is a secret...

  • Miss CEO
    2.8K 105 6

    Katelyn Van Dees, a twenty five years old CEO of her father's company. Young, bold, independent, nice to some and rude to the rest. She always gets what she wants. Harry Styles, a twenty five years old British lad who works at a publishing company and part time at a regular coffee shop across the street. He always sta...

  • Alpha Aileen
    8.2K 482 28

    I am Aileen Bluemoon, Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. I've heard stories about me, of how ruthless and unforgiving I am. I am aware of how other packs and wolf perceive me and that is how I want it to be, for them to be scared. I paved my way to be where I am now, this was all hard work and pain. I won't let anyone disre...

  • the female alpha
    46.2K 1.9K 26

    "I didn't want this!" I slumped down into my bean bag chair. "I know kay, but it's your responsibility." Aliyah continued in a stern voice. "Now get up, put on that dress, and go become the alpha!" Some times I hate how mean but right she can be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's a lot of pressure and work to be th...

  • Shop or flop? Love or drop?
    21 0 3

    Yvaine Lumiére Boitíz is a rich spoiled girl that came from a wealthy family that owns several businesses in asia. Name a country in asia, they invested in it. Yvaine always gets what she wants, in just a snap of her finger every helper in their mansion would panic. In just a flip of her hair, boys would come after h...

  • UnSpoiled
    80 3 2

    Charity Hayes is your typical rich girl. Snobby, Sheltered, and Spoiled. But her parents have refused to deal with it anymore, kicking her out to fend for herself. Charity now has to find a job that can sustain her own living needs or risk being thrown out the apartment her parents have temporarily rented for her. ...

  • Locked Princess
    439 1 21

    A Princess who wants nothing more than want to leave her life, everything around her, desperate to leave her cage. Will she get out? Can she make her own life? Will she fall in love with a Prince, peasant, or guard?

  • The CEO of my heart
    3.9K 193 22

    *Highest Rank --- 10th in romance * "I'm sorry , I don't love you " She said not looking into my eyes , again her ears were red , as cold as she was always, she changed , she was again the arrogant CEO I knew , the heartless CEO who fell in love with me , but will never admit .... "How can you just say sorry ? Trust m...

  • Kim Possible and Spider-Man: The Spectacular Sitch
    8.6K 279 20

    Set 2 years after Kim and Ron's graduation, and shortly after the conclusion of Season 2 of "Spectacular Spider-Man." Kim and Ron are on their summer break from college, and each of them are trying to sort out what they want for themselves, and for each other. However, opportunities come knocking when they are summone...

  • From Rose to Monster (Mutated Zilla Faunus Male Reader X Rwby )
    59.7K 924 55

    Y/n Rose, the younger brother of Ruby Rose, and the son of Summer Rose and Qrow Branwen, was killed at a young age of 5, by the hands of a Mad Atlas Scientist, His arms cut off and stabbed into the chest, but unknown to him or his family, The Scientist had injected something inside thru the special weapon. In Y/n cof...

  • His Alpha Her Omega (COMPLETED)
    232K 6K 32

    Darius Jackson isn't your average werewolf he is an omega. The only omega to be exact. He is the pack punching bag and is abused in many ways. His family always thought he was a disgrace and abused him ever since he could talk. He lost all hope in living for years he his believed that one day his mate would save him...

  • Mated to an Omega
    184K 6.4K 28

    *CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING* (Completely new ideas I'd wait till I'm done to read ;D ) ^i lied, I might get this this...* Victoria Winston is the strongest, most ruthless female alpha there is, or so people say. Her pack, Blood Moon, is the largest pack lead by a female. While invading a smaller pack's territory, she fin...

  • Her Nerd Mate
    140K 3.7K 32

    Victoria Lamont and Nick Sinclair, are 2 very different people. While victoria is the most popular girl of Roseville High, and also the Alpha's daughter Nick is the schools nerd and pack slave. Nick has always been invisible to Victoria, until one day on someones sweet 16 birthday party, could change both of their liv...

  • h2o mermaid adventures: king of the monsters
    6.7K 126 31

    this is a crossover between netflix series h2o mermaid adventures and godzilla the series (sequel tv series to the 1998 movie ) godzilla is accidentally transported to an alternate earth, And foward in time(17 years into the future to be excact)(1998 to 2015). Will he be able to get home? And will he fit in this new w...

  • Emotionless assassin
    28.7K 460 17

    An abused nerd being beat for her looks , her black hair , green eyes, perfect skin, was not welcomed their her family murdered in front of her eyes.sold to an a assassin corporation. beat more and more made to feel no pain, no questions, no hesitation and most of all no feelings. she transforms into the ultimate assa...

  • human in furry world (Human Male Reader x female furries) (18+) (On Hold)
    167K 1.2K 15

    A/N: if you're under age please don't read The animals were nothing, but text subjects for experimentations to create new stronger, smarter and faster creatures known as (The Furries). when one experiment runs wild it decides to take revenge on all human kind by releasing a deadly virus on humanity for abusing and kil...