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  • Addicted #wattys2016
    21 7 7

    Some people are addicted to love Some people are addicted to shopping Some people are even addicted to movies Me? What am I addicted to? I'm addicted to.... Pain Hate Making people miserable Drugs Alcohol And my crush Zane

  • Too Close to touch
    122 3 2

    I'm not crazy. I'm not, just socially awkward. It seems like every time I get close to someone they leave. Friends, boyfriends even family members. It sucks it really does. Kellin? Kellin Quinn? He out of all people wants me to go home with him?

  • Love you 'Til Death?
    663K 10.5K 36

    Scarlett is in love, well atleast she thinks she's inlove with Cole, the perfect guy. Is he really perfect? is anybody really perfect? Their relationship starts off great, But Cole has flaws that may cost Scarlett her life. Once she's in, can death be her only escape?

  • Just One Month
    330 3 13

    She set me up! I have to pick one?! This is the hardest decision I ever had to make. Who will it be? Tony, Logan, Justin, Gabe or Dillon. Oh God help me?!

  • Figured out
    114 1 1

    When a father neglects his daughter for years, he pays the price when he finds himself dead and watching his beloved daughter grow up without him. But what will happen when he is willing to change his past with his future?

  • Caught Up (Kellin Quinn Fan Fiction)
    45.1K 1.3K 16

    When Binx was driving home from work, she wasn't expecting to get caught in a hurricane, but what came as a bigger surprise to her was who pulled over to help her. What happens when Binx gets stuck on a tour bus with her favorite band, in the middle of a hurricane?

    Completed   Mature
  • Kellin Quinn Is My Father
    95.1K 3K 26

    My father abuses me like every day. He killed my mother. I know he did, but I don't think he knows that I know. So to get away I saved all the money I could get my hands on and traveled to Warped Tour just to see him. I didn't have anywhere else to go. I spot him. He's coming towards me! Am I dreaming right now?! I wa...

  • Breathless
    613 4 18

    Christina thinks she's in love. But is she really? With the new guy she has found, she encounters many things. But in the end, will she live or die?

  • The Letter
    201 7 2

    ........ I just broke up with my boyfriend. I sat on my bed in tears hopping he would return to mend my broken heart. Suddenly the door bell rang. I ran down the stair case in the empty house and ran straight into the door. Without even thinking to look out the window to see who it was I unlocked the door and jerked...

  • I Thought You Knew
    479 16 14

    When a 17 year old girl discovered her missing father is alive, she is determined to find him. Shortly after the death of her mother she is released to her father. When she doesn't want to live with him she runs away, what made him so bad to live with?

  • Be Aware
    117 5 1

    This poem explains it all... Just read