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  • Intangibly Yours | Chaelisa
    13.7K 1.1K 14

    She knew it was a bad idea. Roseanne had always been one to become attached too quickly. Too easily. But she followed her anyways. And now... here she was. A ghost, in love with someone she couldn't have. Couldn't feel. Someone, who couldn't even see her. Lisa. - Started 5/1/20 Finished This story was inspired by...

  • naive 📍 chaelisa
    93.9K 3.4K 17

    » You seem to never get over it, Chae, but I'll still be by your side --- Lisa

  • Love Scenario | Chaelisa & Jensoo
    343K 13.9K 42

    High school fic, where the rich heiress with everything, finds herself wanting to get closer to the girl who has nothing. Mostly Chaelisa.

    Completed   Mature
  • lessons in love || chaennie
    121K 4K 37

    A new year, a new student, and a new opportunity for love highest rank: #8 under blackpink

    Completed   Mature
  • Can I Be Him?
    182K 8.4K 52

    Lisa goes to a new bar that her friends forced her to go to where she hears Chaeyoung sing and for some reason her black and white world had suddenly had color in them. She finds herself developing an instant connection with the girl and they quickly become good friends as they continue to always be by each other's si...

  • Stay ❅Chaelisa❅ [sequel to forgotten]
    66.6K 3K 33

    This shall be the sequel to my other book, Forgotten.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgotten❀CHAELISA
    81.2K 3.3K 26

    How would you feel if you're being Forgotten? Started:18/5/17 Ended:20/9/17

    Completed   Mature
  • Eyes Closed (Chaelisa)
    374K 11.4K 56

    When Chaeyoung starts to realize her feelings for her best friend Lisa, what will become of their friendship? What will become of their girl group Blackpink? Park Chaeyoung x Lalisa Manoban This is a fanfiction loosely based on actual Blackpink timelines. This is a slowburn romance! Start - January 9, 2019 End - June...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Way She Loved Me
    169K 6.8K 27

    Jennie describes herself as a self-reliant being, she does everything by herself and for herself. Ever since she gained conscious of the cruelty of the world, she knew she's been fighting, alone. Yet she meets Rosé, and unexpectedly becomes her speck of light. It bothers them to what kind of bond they are investing in...

  • cliché - chaennie.
    125K 4.3K 24

    "i'm so fucking scared." - jennie "you make me feel like nobody's made me feel before." - rosé a chaennie story. [ will become mature ]

  • 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 | chaelisa
    323K 11.4K 28

    in which a girl falls in love with an angel she doesn't deserve. chaelisa au. minor jensoo. started: june 28, 2018 ended: january 22, 2019

  • I Hate You, Don't Leave Me
    37.8K 1.7K 29

    For her junior year of high school, Park Chaeyoung transfers to YG Boarding School to get a fresh start, finally agreeing with her mom that it might just be the best option for her. What she doesn't account for is that she will be rooming with Lalisa Manoban, a girl that she comes to despise within the first few secon...

    Completed   Mature
  • new girl || chaelisa
    111K 4K 22

    Lalisa Manoban is a sixteen-year old girl, she is the loud and goofy girl, she is blonde, has brown eyes and is the most popular girl at school. At lunch, she is surrounded by many girls, including her best friends Jennie, Jisoo and BamBam. Boys are chasing her - but she's hard to get. No-one really knows Lisa or the...

  • Strange Addiction | Chaelisa
    631K 33.5K 255

    Lisa was a hardworking student. Chaeyoung was addicted to everything. Nobody seemed to care about the girl high on drugs. All except for one. Lisa. She cared. And Lisa wanted to make sure Chaeyoung wouldn't die. - DON'T BE SCARED BY THE LARGE AMOUNT OF CHAPTERS - This story contains hard to read scenes and topics...

  • my love as deep as the ocean - chaelisa
    126K 4.1K 39

    my bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. the more i give to thee, the more i have, for both are infinite. - william shakespeare. lisa is in love. and chae is confused. this is their little love story. tragic, risky, dangerous. but love will always win for them. this will eventually be a mature story ;) ...

    Completed   Mature