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  • Clothed in our grief
    18.5K 1K 60

    His mother taught you how to fight at a young age. Why? Because she owed your father a favor. But you never officially met Damian Wayne until you moved to Gotham. You met Damian Al Ghul, it wasn't very pleasant. Your life was, and always has been normal aside from being taught how to fight by an assassin. No real crim...

  • It's Getting Hard To Breathe - A Damian Wayne Story
    45.7K 1.2K 16

    Damian is kidnapped. While being held prisoner, he gets sick. What will happen to Damian? Will he be okay, or does tragedy await the Batfamily? Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. ALL BELONGS TO DC P.S. This will be mainly focused on the batbros. The girls probably won't be in here. Sorry. Ages: Damian: 10 Tim: 15 Jason: 18...

  • Fallen Feathers
    341 16 1

    He didn't get much attention, barley at all. No matter what he did, he got nothing. He cried to sleep, messed up, attempted to take down THE BATMAN. And nothing. He thinks of it as if he was just a fallen feather from their wings. Characters and art is not mine.

  • LOST (A Young Justice/Robin Fanfic)
    100K 3.4K 29

    What happens when Robin gets kidnapped? can he escape? or will young justice and batman find him in time? find out in LOST Yeah i know not a very good description... sorry about that ^^;

    Completed   Mature
  • The Origins of Robin
    4.3K 210 16

    When his parents die, Dick realises how bad it feels to be alone. So when Bruce Wayne a billionaire, takes him in as his ward, the only thing Dick wants is justice after his parents death. When he realises Mr. Wayne is none other than The Batman himself, he and Dick strive to uncover the mystery of his parents death a...

  • Suicidal Deku
    43.6K 842 11

    This is my first fan-fic. If you hate it don't say anything.

  • What did I do? [Suicidal Deku x Bakugo]
    85K 1.9K 25

    During bakugo's horrible bullying during middleschool, Izuku started cutting himself, drinking, and smoking. Once his mom saw his cuts she made him stop. She never found out about his addictions though. He continues to drink and smoke even now that he is in UA. He cuts every once in a while. But Izuku is slowly falli...

  • The Cry of a Robin (Damian Wayne)
    58.8K 1.4K 11

    Damian Wayne is on a quest to find the respect he deserves. He goes on solo missions, making a name for himself. Batman isn't too happy about it, but decides to let his son go, thinking it's for the best. Unfourtunatly, the new freedom turns sour when an old enemy who was once thought dead attacks, taking Damian pris...

  • Die like a villain. Villain Deku x Todoroki (Under Maintenance)
    70.8K 2K 84

    This story is where when deku and is depressed, along the way he becomes villainous and a saga begins What if deku was depressed What if that led to him hating everyone What if the prince of his dreams thought the same What if the became a villain duo trying to change all of japan as its known? What if crossovers from...

  • Tomura x Izuku
    134K 3.1K 20

    Just so happens he has fallen in love.. But is it in the wrong or right hands? - IDEA WAS NOT MINE BUT STORY IDEAS ARE, I JUST STARTED SHIPPING THEM DUE TO A STORY! -

  • deoression
    13 0 1

    I'm going to write famous depression quotes and my own quotes in here and maybe I'll vent in this book sometimes

  • I'm Not Crazy
    32.1K 1.7K 25

    Emma Hasn't had a great life.. But what happens when a certain someone makes it 100% better.

  • Depression
    4.5K 285 60

    Just some sayings/quotes of depression.