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  • The Fae Perspective
    2.4K 388 24

    Seileah, a young ground-spirit of the Great Morook Mountains, is the inspiration of all of her clan. She sees and interprets what nature can teach them, but when one day she sees the truth of her home, she knows her people will not understand. She must betray them with her star-seeded instincts. Glimmers of light froz...

  • Beauty and the Cursed Cycle: Pure-blood Series (Book 2)
    3.1K 1.6K 24

    2nd book in the Pure-blood Series... Ana Holt has always been one to try and help the people with no voice. Whether it be from being picked off by the animals out in the forest or the conditions in which the common people lived in. She knew who she was or so she thought... When a man with a mysterious past, a set goal...

  • The Claimed: Rashika's Resistance (wxw)
    3.9K 631 26

    A fierce warrior must seduce a dangerous rebel to save the king who raised her. --- Epsa proudly defends the nation as a member of King Makapu's Royal Guard. When a resistance movement threatens the kingdom from within, Makapu calls on Epsa for a task requiring more than just combat skills. Epsa must seduce Izra, a my...

  • Keychains
    490 126 13

    It's been ten years since Nora Whelan ran away, taking with her the painful secrets that shattered her family. Her ability to peer into other people's lives had saved her own. Now as the marketing manager of a technological enterprise, Nora is determined to succeed and leave her past failures behind. But when Nora dis...

  • Fabled Pages
    380 75 14

    ||Featured on @WattpadShortStory 's reading list under "Boxed Sets"|| A collection of short stories written from a distorted point of view. Copyright © 9Worlds 2021

  • Winds of Fate
    17.4K 1.2K 107

    1718. Eleanore Smith is a lady's maid dreaming of a simple life. But when a crime sends her running away, she seeks refuge on the nearest ship at the harbor - striking an unusual deal with pirates! Now sheltered by a band of thieves and their surprisingly noble Captain, Eleanore must learn the ways of the sea and of m...

  • HorseWorld: Cruelty Of The Tennessee Walkers - Book One
    1.3K 183 56

    Tennessee Walking Horses are known to be very gentle. Sadly, some people take advantage of them... Lucy Anderson and her parents are equine experts who work and live at a place called HorseWorld, where they rescue sick, injured, neglected, and abused horses. Sometimes they'll get horses from great owners who cannot af...

  • The Chronicles of Soraya Thenayu
    4.8K 376 28

    With her father's memory failing and her mother gone, Soraya Thenayu is enrolled in Darkwood Academy and has to learn to adapt to her new surroundings. Growing up in the desolate Averlore Mountains has taught her to be in independent and well read, but how will Soraya manage social pressures? Especially with carrying...

  • The Soulmate Guide
    7.1K 1.3K 34

    Warning: Magical content ahead... True love finds a way, is what people say. For eighteen year old Blake Anderson, the meaning of love is nothing but betrayal. He is too adamant to believe in the existence of true love, especially after experiencing an atrocious past relationship. Things, however, take a magical turn...