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  • girls talk boys ↑ lashton ✓
    121K 6.4K 15

    [complete] where luke and ashton are friends with benefits but everyone wants them to be more. |side pairings (3) ; malum|ziam|larry| |top!luke|

  • Riding Hood • Malum ✔️
    65.8K 2.8K 13

    [COMPLETED] "Code red! Code fucking red!" "Okay, if my notes are correct, code red means really, really hot boy that Michael wants to either blow or fuck." When the fiery Michael Clifford bumps into the school nerd, Calum Hood, things get rather interesting. Basically put, Michael really wants to ruin Calum. Malum AU...

  • Elevator / Malum
    56.6K 2.7K 12

    Michael hates Calum. Calum hates Michael. Then they get stuck in a broken down elevator and are forced to tolerate each other. cover by me

  • Height [Lashton AU]
    348K 17.8K 13

    "I may be shorter than you, but I most certainly do not bottom." WARNING: Smut Dom!Ashton © 2014 iCheeseYou

  • If Walls Could Talk (lashton)
    48.2K 1.8K 21

    "Ashton, when a person tells you that you hurt them you don't get to decide that you didn't." Or the one where Luke and Ashton are friends with benefits, but Luke wants more and Ashton isn't gay

    Completed   Mature
  • Safezone Three || Lashton✔
    15.5K 777 13

    short story: In which Ashton is a soldier and has been placed in Safezone Three and Luke is a civilian who has strangers living in his home (this story is set during an apocalypse and is based on FTWD but with Lashton in it)

  • Long Way Home || Malum ✔
    60.9K 2.7K 23

    In which the geeky shy boy stays with the angry punk boy from school on a deserted road when his car breaks down

  • Beautiful Liar || Lashton ✔️
    22.5K 980 16

    This is a beautiful lie My last lie Even if it hurts to death I am hiding myself under a mask for you __________________________________ Luke is in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend Arzaylea, and doesn't understand how deeply in love his best friend Ashton is in with him.

    28.6K 2.2K 24

    「Malum Mermaid AU」 I do not own 5sos but I own the storyline. Thank you for reading. Kate ; @1-800-CALUM ©2016

  • gym buddies // boyxboy
    8.7K 637 5

    Where Zayn thinks it's a good idea to buy buys gym memberships for himself and his best mate Louis. He wants to start the new years right, and that's by finding a man. Instead of getting fit the two boys become obsessed with the newly discovered hot guy gold mine. An erection and some vodka is involved at some point t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Attached ; Malum ✓
    278K 16.6K 32

    ❝I know you're gay, but I'll take you straight to homecoming.❞ or the one in which Michael and Calum have always had a brotherly love, until well, it became less brotherly.

  • boy meets boy ✪ lashton
    729K 26.5K 33

    "so, is this a thing?" "yeah, we'll be friends.. with benefits" the one where luke and ashton start a secret friends with benefits relationship behind their girlfriends backs but sex doesn't help keeping the feelings away. warning: strong language & smut (a lot!!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Want You Back ⥌ Lashton ✓
    16.8K 784 11

    [complete] Luke wants Ashton back even after their break up, but there's one huge set back.

  • 10-56A ↨ lashton ✓
    114K 9.2K 47

    [complete] "sheriff hemmings, we have a 10-56A. would you mind checking it out?" in which ashton attempts suicide and luke talks him out of it [HIGHEST RANK! #1 in #lashton!] 2014

  • 12:00 am ✈ ot4
    467K 24.9K 46

    unknown: you have the wrong number and why the fuck are you people up? it's fucking 12:00 am. go to sleep. in which four boys meet up in an accidental group text. ©COPYRIGHT GAYBOYHARRY

  • ASEXUAL ⥱ lashton ✓
    30.2K 1.8K 17

    [complete] "I bet you can't take Irwin over there to bed." "Oh you're so on." Where Luke is dared to sleep with Ashton but there's only one small problem. Ashton's asexual.

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life // malum
    5.9K 396 20

    Michael will never have Luke when he already has Ashton, and if the only way Calum can have Michael is through one night stands then he'll take it until he can't anymore. And when they can't stand it anymore, what happens then?

  • Sex Metal Barbie // lashton
    55.1K 2.6K 39

    Dark rumors are just that - rumors, but Ashton's ruined image isn't a problem to Luke because even if other's can't see past article headlines, he can.

  • The Hangout » [malum] √
    4.3K 248 8

    ❝ The one where Calum has a lot of pals who walk him home after hanging out and his RA (Michael) is certain he's sleeping with them all❞ [COMPLETED] |Cover by @nicockla|

  • The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔
    180K 7.9K 47

    In which four boys with very different personalities attend the same support group and somehow find their way into each others lives. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be warned

  • HOTEL LOCKDOWN » malum
    12.2K 1.3K 21

    [ C O M P L E T E D ] "i can't believe you calum! you knew today was special!" michael screamed from the other side of the hotel room, storming towards the door.

  • Virgins ⇝ Lashton ✓
    215K 13.3K 17

    In which, the first to lose their virginity wins. LASHTON HEMWIN MALUM COMPLETED ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2015 spanish translation: @hoodrunk czech translation: @aamgelica_ & @Cliffus russian translation: @-starringrole

    Completed   Mature
  • roommates • lashton
    1.5M 79.6K 55

    "i fucking hate you, irwin" "sorry, hemmings? i couldn't hear you there, my dick was in your mouth" in which luke and ashton hates each other with a passion and are forced to be roommates through a whole summer filled with hate that somehow takes a sexual turn (for a better introduction i advise you to read the prolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • ghost of you ➳ lashton ✓
    13.7K 775 10

    Where Luke ends up alone ever since Ashton left. He doesn't know what to do without him around. © 2018 all rights goes to aestheticlashton_

  • Asthenia - Lashton
    41K 2.1K 11

    Luke is weak. Ashton doesn't know the meaning of the word.

  • Pretty.
    89.2K 4.3K 22

    Where Luke hates Ashton for being pretty, but it all works out.

    54.4K 3.1K 12

    ashton and his family decide to go on holiday for his school break, but ashton had no clue that this holiday break meant he'd meet a certain blonde boy. [lowercase intended] © 1940sluke | 2015

  • for the art of war (lashton)
    128K 7.2K 24

    Luke wasn't sure exactly when his life turned into a train wreck, but he knew that it probably coincided with the day he met Ashton. The original can be read on AO3 here:

    Completed   Mature
  • chasing rubies (lashton)
    20.3K 1K 6

    What’s Ashton supposed to do if he ends up sharing the cabin with a cute counselor? The original can be read on AO3 here:

  • He Sleeps Alone
    6.3K 392 6

    They say opposites attract, don't they? That could explain why Ashton and Luke are so attracted to each other, considering Luke hasn't spoken in 7 years, and Ashton can't go 5 seconds without talking. (Short story)