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  • Sad Supernatural Imagines :'(
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  • Newborn x2 (Sabriel & Destiel)
    34.3K 2.3K 23

    ( sequel to Newborn ) Dean and Castiel have a teenage daughter named Mary, and now that they have a new house, Sam and Gabriel want to have a child too. But they end up getting two times more than they asked for. ((a sabriel and destiel fanfiction))

  • Supernatural Chatrooms
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    So this has Destiel, Sabriel, Michifer, and any other spn ship you can think of. There is sort of a storyline and some of it is sad and some of it is happy and the rest is just random. Good luck and don't die

  • What is a Toaster? | Sabriel
    184K 11.2K 18

    When you forget everything, what are you supposed to do?

  • [[EDITING]] Secret Love//Destiel
    4.5K 302 12

    #2 in #samxjess on 07/31/18 #49 in #castielwinchester on 07/30/18 #58 in #casdean on 07/29/18 Dean is a world known musician. Castiel is just a small town librarian. Dean always wears that ring, but no one knows who it belongs to. Castiel never mentions this man he loves unless he's talking to close friends or family...

  • The Angel's Daughter (A Supernatural fanfic)
    82.6K 2.4K 13

    When Sam and Dean go on a hunting trip they find an angel. An angel unlike any other. Her parents are angels. And it seems that no other angel knows about her. Even Castiel has never heard of her. Who is she? What is she? Can she help the Winchester brothers?

  • Teacher Things || A Destiel Fanfic
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    Dean is a teacher at a high school, he hates his job with a passion, but he stays anyway because he has to get money somehow. He is told to show the new guy around, Castiel Novak, once he sees the man he can barely keep his eyes away. Dean is immediately attracted and can't keep his candy green eyes away from this per...

  • Strictly Professional
    49.9K 2.5K 6

    On principle, Castiel never works with new and “up and coming” talent. But just this once, he decides to make an exception with Dean Winchester, who he ends up bending all his rules for.

  • Be My Wings <Destiel>
    147K 5.2K 21

    Dean is ready to kill himself. His dads an alcoholic, his mum is dead, and he never has had any friends. Then he meets Castiel.

  • [On Hold] Fine By Me (Destiel A Capella AU)
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    Sam, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Garth, Balthazar, and a few others are all on the same Acapella team; The Treble Makers Sam and Gabriel are an open couple but they want to hook up Dean and Cas (and Lucifer and Michael if they can) So when auditions for solo part come up, Cas and Dean are already compe...

  • Mission Destiel (Destiel!Frozen AU)
    132K 6.7K 12

    Once again, Gabriel is bored and wants to try something new with Team Free Will. Only this time, Sam agrees with Gabe. Their mission: Find out how much Dean and Cas love each other. How: Erasing their memories temporarily and sending them all into the Disney movie Frozen. Sorry if it gets a bit confusing. Request...

  • Not made for each other || Destiel High School AU
    287K 13.7K 29

    Warning: smut involved in this story. Castiel Novak is the high school punk rocker. He is big, bad and beautiful. Girls want to be with him and guys are generally scared of him. Well all except for one that is. Dean Winchester is the high school football captain. Girls want to date him and guys want to be him. He is t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meeting You (Destiel High School AU)
    387K 21.4K 36

    New year. New school. Dean and Sam Winchester had been moving a lot. But this time it'd be permanent.…hopefully. Dean is a nerd. Straight A's all 'round. He meets Castiel Novak. Popular guy. Not so good in grades but hey he'll do anything for Dean. He doesn't know why but the new kid intrigued him in a way no one el...

    Completed   Mature
  • Absent Grace // Sabriel
    241K 13.1K 21

    After saving Gabriel -- the supposedly dead archangel -- from Abbadon's cruel grasp, Sam finds himself in a completely alternate world. Literally. He's not a Hunter. Instead, he lives alone with a dog, his brother is engaged to the angel that pulled him from Hell, and he apparently works a normal job. Oh, and not to m...

  • Dean's Secret
    90.4K 2.3K 28

    Sam, Dean and Castiel are coming back from a case in a small town in North Dakota Dean gets a call from a girl who claims to be his daughter. How will Sam and Castiel take the news when Dean takes off to find her? Will Dean's secret come out?

  • Baby Destiel
    66.8K 3K 8

    Dean gets an unsuspected visit from his favorite angel with a few changes occurring to the said angel.

  • Distractions
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    How to make a human Castiel behave and learn... physical attention.

  • A Broken Man [on hold]
    2.7K 134 7

    Dean, Dean Winchester. Found dead at around 2:00 pm, November 3rd, 2015. He was 36 years old. This wasn't a murder, nor natural causes, it was suicide. Suicide by a gunshot to the head. --- This is not a story about the reporter. It's all about Cas and Dean so don't worry. --- This is a story about a reporter by the n...

  • Silent Tears
    4.5K 82 10

    Madden Winchester is 4 years old, he lives with his mom, aunt, cousin and grandfather, one day someone dies from drowning, the next day someone else. Who or what could be doing this, the Winchester brothers decided to investigate the situation, little did they know that Madden was all that they have left

  • Side Effects
    276K 10.7K 27

    Stiles is lonelier than ever in Beacon Hills. Stiles gets kidnapped along with Sam Winchester and they team up to get out and go home. The adventure begins... *Teen Wolf (after Season 3B, before certain events of season 4) & Supernatural Crossover (within beginning of Season 8)* HIATUS

  • Adopted by Jared Padalecki
    14.3K 349 25

    "I like that you're broken Broken like me Maybe that makes me a fool I like that you're lonely Lonely like me I could be lonely with you There's something tragic, but almost pure Think I could love you, but I'm not sure There's something wholesome, there's something sweet Tucked in your eyes that I'd love to meet" Bro...

  • without a care. adopted by jensen ackles
    12.8K 298 18

    you, Thalia, have been in the orphange 99.9 percent of your life. youve been adopted then returned several know your not going to get adooted. a part of you knows that there still might be a chance. you never really watched tv but you did read books. lots and lots of books.

  • Team Free Will Assemble
    40.3K 1.5K 12

    Avengers/ supernatural crossover >>>>> Dean and Sam are on a normal case hunting a Wendigo. Until everything changes when Dean meets Captain America and ends up saving his Stars & stripes butt. What could happen next? • • • I do not own any of the characters (Captain America, Dean, Sam, etc...

  • My Home
    5.8K 211 17

    //Demigod! Dean// Demigod! Sam// The Winchester Brothers go on a hunt in New Jersey cross paths with Percy Jackson, a son of Poseidon from Camp Half Blood and discover that they're demigods themselves which leads to a quest to stop the angels from destroying the world as they know it.

  • Cas, Dean, Sam meet Misha, Jensen and Jared
    26.6K 1K 4

    Cas, Dean and Sam get sent to an alternate reality except this time they're sepearated. The alternate reality is where Misha, Jensen and Jared live. Who will find who first?

  • Supercatural
    6.8K 312 7

    Dean, Sam, Cas and Crowley all turn into cats thanks to a witch and Bobby has to take care of them. Sleeping on people Scratching things The family Business

  • Being You (Body Swap AU)
    15.1K 489 4

    Derek and Stiles change bodies through a witch's curse. For the first time they feel what the other feels. They don't tell the pack because they have enough on their backs already and they don't want to stress them even more. But maybe this whole thing will bring them more than just understanding the other.

  • Fallen but Not Broken {Destiel}
    562K 21K 22

    The angels have fallen. Castiel lost his grace, and is now a human. He experiences hunger, cold, need, but still pondered at the thought of love. Dean takes him under his wing and helps him understand his new way of life; every aspect. Even though his grace is lost, the affair between a man and an angel is forbidden...