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  • Beautiful Nightmare
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    What if I'm not the hero? __________ EDWARD CULLEN: I sat there clinging onto my seat. Watching as she walked in. Something about her made me go...mad. It wasn't right. It didn't feel right. But yet, it was...I haven't felt like this since Bella. And even then, I never felt this. Not even with her. Maybe it was her...

  • Rules and Roses
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    The rules were made to be broken __________ JACKSON SCOTT I sat there with a small grin plastered across my face. My arms wrapped around me crossed as I leaned back against my chair not having a care in the world. Currently, she was freaking out on me. Yelling a bunch of stuff that honestly, I kinda zoned her out on...

  • For Now | Dreaming Trilogy | Book 1 (HEAVY CONSTRUCTION)
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    The flames took everything from Phoenix; now they want her, too. ***** Shadows cast down upon a realm far from our existence bring four teens right into the open arms of a distant memory, trying to force her way back home. Shane, Shyanne, Kayla, and Phoenix are plucked from their very different lives and tossed into a...

  • Lay With Me
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    Childhood Best friends, Brock and Robbie, are split up and don't talk talk for five years. It's not until they're reconnected that their love for each other slowly blossoms. // Hi guys! This is my first romance story I've ever written! I hope you guys like it :) Cover Credit Goes To @asher_rose