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  • The New Proxy (Masky x Ticci Toby)
    5K 202 1

    Tim Wright and Toby Rogers were once friends. Before either descended into their own insanity, they knew eachother. That was two years ago however. Tim, who now goes by Masky, is Slender's right-hand man at the creepypasta mansion. So naturally, he meets the new recruit first who goes by the name of Ticci T...

  • Not Where I Belong (A Creepypasta FanFic: EJ x Jeff)
    13.3K 519 36

    | COMPLETED | He's a killer. He's a cannibal. Two different yet the same murderers clash on one place. What could go wrong? ∞ This is a FanFic of Creepypasta between two BOYS and if you do NOT want to read it then don't. I ain't forcing ya (*¯︶¯*) And the artworks AREN'T mine (unless I say so, like when I drew it or...

    Completed   Mature
  • Drowing In Despair (Jeff x Depressed!Ben)
    3.5K 90 12

    Despair: The complete loss or absence of hope. "A voice full of self-hatred and despair" Synonyms: hopelessness, desperation, distress, anguish, pain, unhappiness; Benjamin Lawman, also known as Ben Drowned to the fellow Creepypastas and Proxys of Slenderman. He's battling the pain of the demons at night, he's Drownin...

  • A Tear in my Heart {EJ x JTK}
    3.9K 100 11

    Eyeless Jack encountered the Slenderman Forest without realizing it and came across one of his "children" if you will. Slender invites EJ to live with them in his home, open armed. EJ stays quiet, only really talks to BEN, and he never ever takes off his mask. Jeff hated him the minute he walked through the door becau...

  • The New Proxy (Ticci Toby x Masky) (DISCONTINUED)
    26.4K 803 19

    It has been six years since Slenderman has hired a new Proxy. And when he does, it disappoints the other Proxies greatly. How could this small, twitchy boy be a new Proxy? However, Toby is quick to prove himself to the other Proxies when Masky attempts to fight him to figure out why Slender chose him. Toby can't feel...

  • You're my drug [Ticci Toby X Masky]
    12.2K 172 7

    Warning: this book contains a lot of abuse, swearing, rape, suicide, and gore. Read at your own risk.

  • ☓ M A S K E D ☓
    4.4K 129 20

    There has always been a massive feud with Masky and Toby. Hoodie and clockwork have had enough, there going to do different things to make them friends. Clockwork helps Toby and hoodie is trying to help Masky. They find out a few things that can ruin everything they have been working on. Either they will hate each ot...

  • Creepypasta Headcanons
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  • The path of a Proxy
    6.3K 277 5

    *Cover art belongs to me* Being a Proxy isn't a choice, it's forced. You may think it would be a dream come true, to eat all the cheesecake and waffles you could ever imagine, while being in a glamorous mansion. WRONG. In reality, it would be far from it. After unfortunate events and misunderstandings, Tim Wright and...

  • Forgotten
    3.6K 99 7

    ≮A Jeff the killer X Laughing Jack fanfic≯ •Warning: Wattpad and ONLY wattpad is where this fanfic lies, if found on a different site it's stolen. Please do not follow or vote on any other release •

  • The Analyzing of Ticci Toby by Timothy Wright
    5.9K 359 20

    Timothy, the infamous Masky, writes analysis on his fellow creepypastas. He's worked his way through a good number of them, his latest being Toby Erin Rogers. However, this isn't the usual story of the two proxies hating each other, but it's in no way a fairy tale either. Follow along as Masky attempts to gain an und...

  • There's More To This Then I Thought.
    31.6K 1.2K 60

    (MaskyxToby) ~under editing~ Toby is still a kid at heart, even if his heart belongs to someone else. The man who owns it though didn't know at first, but over time he sees it in every glance and hears it in every giggle. Masky was, to say the least, hesitant at first. Worried of rejection, or simply offending the o...

  • Turning Back Time [Jeff The Killer : Homicidal Liu]
    21.8K 554 14

    [WARNING: DO NOT READ IF SENSITIVE TO VIOLENT OR ABUSIVE SITUATIONS] Years had passed since Jeff became the cold hearted killer he was today. Numbers of unlucky people have had their blood soaked into his hands, including the members of his own family. It seems one of them found it hard to stay dead though. Liu retur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Where is He (Homicidal Liu/Sully and Jeff the Killer)
    22.3K 650 15

    When Jeff killed his parents and tried to kill Liu, Liu survived and woke up in the hospital, a nurse explained what happened calling his brother a monster, that's when Sully starts telling Liu to kill her, Liu and Sully end up burning the hospital down. Since then they have been looking and tracking Jeff down, not to...

  • The Crime of Three [Ticci Toby : Masky : Hoodie: Clockwork]
    20.4K 531 18

    He had nothing to live for. Not with his sister dead and his mom kissing the reaper. His teenage mind made him think that suicide was the only solution. It was the easiest way to end his problems, to cheat life. As he took his leap into hell he was saved by two strangers. Now he is brought to face an entity strong eno...

  • The Broken Smile {COMPLETE}
    32.2K 739 15

    A psychopath; someone who is able to hurt and even kill without any feeling of guilt or remorse. Incapable of showing compassion or love and refuses to accept it. This is usually caused by traumatic events/abuse in the early year(s) of life. This is the very description of a 16-year-old boy named Jack. He killed his f...

  • Love Bites Jeff x L.j
    6.2K 149 15

    The first few chapters are other here to see how much I've improved, i have changed the entire story completely

  • Dead Or Alive |Laughing Jack X Masky|
    11.9K 357 9

    Slenderman has gone missing, the barrier to Slender Mansion has vanished, and all but two of the Creepypasta's, one being just a mere proxy, have escaped the grasps of federal hands. LJ and Masky struggle to live on their own, and begin a long journey searching for Slenderman. |Credit to the artist for the cover|

  • Red (TicciMask)
    7K 276 15

    Proxies Ticci Toby and Masky are beginning to feel the once relatively stable world they lived in begin to crumble: not only are the FBI and the CIA hot on the pastas trails thanks to clues given by a traitor, but a creepypasta has turned rogue and begun attacking and killing their own kind, seeing no difference betwe...

  • Tears of Black EJ X JTK
    94.1K 2.6K 20

    What would happen if two killers were sent on a mission together for 4 weeks? Sent by Slenderman, fed up with their immature fights hoping this would help them get along-but what if one of the killers actually never had any hatred towards the person? Jack hiding his true feelings towards Jeff, promised himself to neve...

  • well this is new ( laughing jack x jeff the killer)
    78.5K 1.7K 41

    it was all happening too fast. yes he love lj , but he didn't want a baby.. how is this even possible?! ( this story involves mpreg if you do not like don't read)

  • "ɪ ᴘʀᴏᴍɪsᴇ" ᴛɪᴄᴄɪᴍᴀsᴋ ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ (Under reconstruction and being re-written)
    1.3K 73 11

    Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words can never hurt me, never has an bigger lie been told, it's easy to heal scar's, but the word's that have been embedded into your mind can leave a greater wound then any.

  • Mother Goose (Hoodie x E.Jack)
    4.1K 185 19

    ~~dis be ah prequel in da Sleepy Series~~ It seems as though the proxies life's are ever changing with their growing family. Now, instead of having just one cannibal, they have two. Two, organ eating, sharp toothed, black gazed cannibals that can't stand each other but both found their love and happiness in the same p...

    Completed   Mature
  • unusual love (masky x ticci toby)
    208K 6.9K 30

    *all pictures belong to me*

  • Because of You (TicciMask)
    103K 2.5K 41

    Cover art by me Toby likes Masky and yada yada yada...I hope you enjoy it. -COMPLETED-

  • Twisted Pleasures (TicciMask){DISCONTINUED}
    3.7K 190 15

    He spoke, voice tearing through the silence like a jagged knife, ripping it in half with words and emotions that could no longer be contained, emotions that he would no longer deny the right of passage. "There's a person behind that mask, jackass." His words were angry, loud, steady and sure, the volume rapidly raisin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ticcimask Af
    16.3K 655 15

    Ticci Mask Af --- Two killers living in a cabin. A friendship forms. No homo bro! Or is there homo? --- Please leave criticism! I'm trying to better my writing. :D Author of "Sweet Treats (ticcimask)"