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  • An ice sister
    26 4 5

    Zane has a baby sister named winter She's human and he adopted her She was taken from him when she was little because he didn't have a home and was labeled unable to take care of her She went to a foster home much to his sadness Shortly after he met the ninja however he got a call from her saying she was hit, He angri...

  • Forced Together
    281 16 3

    Dagur is trapped in a cave system, unable to find a way out that's not guarded by assassins. Viggo happens to be trapped there as well- what happens when the two meet? *This will also be posted under my Viggo shots because it's half his perspective. thanks!*

  • Maces and Talons
    5K 198 14

    When Viggo Grimborn was a child, no one understood his hunger for knowledge. He was alone and misunderstood. His tribe was wary of his ambition and intelligence. But when his grandfather introduces him to a new game, Viggo loves it instantly. Soon after, he must face the most difficult decisions that no Viking had eve...

    263 23 16

    Includes fanfics Cannon Ships (all kinds) A.U.s Possible smut Gayness Lesbian Ocs Movie and show Requests are aloud

  • Watching the show NINJAGO
    28 4 2

    Watching the show But with edited parts and extras The timeline will be a past/future timeline as in Season 4 BEFORE garmadon's sacrifice I might add aus or the movie as well later on

  • Snotlout's Guide to Ruling Hell
    247 13 1

    Co-written with Vala411! Waking to unexpectedly find himself a demon, Berk's least socially skilled dragon rider finds himself in temporary charge of Hell. Between strikes, waxing incidents, boy scouts, interfering angels, day trips, over-eager interns, time-expired sacrifices and amorous plants, what could go wrong...

  • Dragon Ball Image Reactions/memes
    74.1K 422 188

    In this book there will be different Dragon Ball images that I'll And the gang will be resting to. I've seen a lot of people doing these so I thought I'd try it ok and see how it goes plus it's more Dragon Ball for you all!

  • Ninjago Story of children
    89 12 11

    New kids New ninjas New stories What will happen?

  • Dbz React to a new beginning
    8 1 1

    Dbz reacting to my friends book

  • Vegeta and Goku Show!
    34 3 3

    Got this idea from a YouTube video! Feel free to make reaction books as long as you send them to me to read!

  • Dragon Ball Super Reacts!
    7.1K 77 7

    As stated in the title, the cast of Dragon Ball Super, both new and old, shall be reacting to many things! Sad, happy, whatever! Get ready, because this is going to be one hell of a ride! Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Super, all rights belong to the original owners. The only thing I own is myself that will be in...

  • A different tale
    1.4K 113 87

    Like my Kakageta book, But different, A few different plot points that changes some things

    Completed   Mature
  • Bardocks Phone conversations
    3K 191 11

    I am giving you all a peak at what my texts I get because why not.

  • The Wolf
    1.3K 64 6

    "No one knew Ryder's dark side No one knew Ryder was the hidden Villain No one knew the hypocrisy within Ryder All they knew is that Adventure Bay have always had a villain, that today will strike in the worst ways possible. Why? Just to cause the biggest damage ever" Cover by: KookyKez This story has Mature Cont...

  • Characters Watching random stuff
    1.9K 9 7

    What the title says (Because when I published this the first time I only got a hater and it hurt my feelings so instead of just being abridged they'll be reacting to clips and gacha things as well I hope you enjoy please don't hate anyone who hates I will delete any hurtful comments

  • Roleplay photo book
    6 2 1

    What the title says

  • RTTE
    315 37 9

    Some tales of RTTE

  • Rtte texting.
    3.3K 42 31

    The gang gets phones that hiccup made.

  • Gacha book 3
    102 17 9

    Same as last time

  • Bnha Characters Reacting to Bnha Fanart/Memes
    232K 2K 12

    This is based off of another story from another fandom and I thought of it in the shower about twenty minutes ago. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES!!! •Disclaimer!!!• I DO ship certain people. If you DON'T AGREE with them then please do nOt bug me about it in the comments. Also if a character says something rude about...

  • Reacting to a saiyan love story
    299 19 18

    A friend of mine wanted me to react to her book

    370 6 5

    EVERYONE FROM THE END OF ZOOTOPIA THE FIRST MOVIE WILL WATCH THE FUTURE OF ZOOTOPIA (The second doesn't come out until a few months or a year sooo we have time for brain storming)

  • Alternate end
    704 30 30

    An alternate Kakageta end to GT

  • Wild Goku
    135 4 4

    What if Goku wasn't just raised by grandpa gohan, what it most of his life he was raised by animals?

  • My selfie/photobook
    167 29 29

    What the title says Though warning these are not good pics of me 😆 lol

  • Kakageta story 2
    838 52 41

    This one will be about the world of FEMALE Goku what if, And I MIGHT add more of the original book in there

    79 6 6

    So I've read SOOO Many of these and loved every one! So I've decided to make my own! Please comment asks or dares And I'll even put some of my own for a start or when I'm bored, ENJOY!

  • High school
    461 37 34

    An au where Goku is a very smart non fighting nerd And Vegeta is a popular rich bully How does everything turn out?

  • Something To Brighten Your Day
    91 10 4

    All art goes to the creators I don't know any of the creators but the art and pictures are theirs Sorry if its bad its just some mini skits to make everyones day better Dragon ball is owned by shueisha