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  • If Saitama met Naruto
    17 2 2

    When Saitama meets a Blond boy Who's out of his League He decides to take Place over a Battle ( and No I'm Not making them gay or Lesbian bc Wattpad would go after me if I did that)

  • I'm Not Your Sensei Genos (SaitamaXGenos) (Complete) *2018*
    63.9K 2K 20

    Saitama trained hard for Three years straight, he lost his hair, and became capable of killing his opponent with "One Punch", He became numb, no feelings what so ever, till he met a particular cyborg, who just so happens to change everything from perspective...

  • Stuck In Black Butler?|COMPLETED|
    82.4K 2.8K 26

    17 year old Violet, an anime loving girl who has somehow found herself in some sort of....trouble...well of course it's not a trouble for her. - As she somehow travels to the popular anime Black Butler once the opening to the show ends as she was relaxing during a Christmas Break while being home alone. - Adventures...

  • A wish upon a star (mha and hxh)
    1.8K 72 3

    killua and gon haven't seen each other in 2 years. One night they both made a wish upon a shooting star that they can see each other again. Little did they know that that shooting star was the thing that brought them both together but in a way neither of them excepted... ⚠️ DISCLAIMER⚠️ I do NOT own hxh or mha

  • Bloodlust {Hunter X Assassination Classroom}
    20.1K 591 3

    When two new transfer students arrive at Class 3-E, everyone has mixed opinions on them. Everything seemed to be normal but soon students begin disappearing.

  • The new assassination classroom
    2.7K 60 3

    Ok you know how at the end of the anime they show nagisa as a teacher well here is how he runs his assassination classroom

  • (Black Butler) Sebastian x Modern!TimeTraveler!Reader
    1.1K 27 2

    Not good at descriptions. Not gonna be very good quality writing. Sorry.

  • Forward in time with Black Butler
    15.8K 859 38

    So as shown in my last book a girl named Annabell somehow time travels back in time to the Victorian age. There she encounters Ceil Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. She gets to meet all the characters and go on a mission sent by the queen. In the end she faced off against an army of psychopathic cannabels. Now sh...

  • you literally fell from heaven (black butler)
    157K 6K 35

    Kira is no normal girl. She likes to watch anime (normal), horseback riding (normal), playing the violin, the guitar, the piano, the drums (normal) and... killing (not that normal, I guess...). She is a CreepyPasta. the things that aren't normal about her are: she feels no pain, she likes killing, her eyes change colo...

  • back in the past
    29 3 3

    it's been 7 years since korosensei passed. and to be honest nagisa was still hated himself for it. so every day his boyfriend (karma) visited him. but one day once he came to visit he started glowing. . . . . . what he didn't know was that the exact thing was also happening to nagisa.

  • Lost in Time (Assassination Classroom)
    33.7K 899 24

    Nagisa is thrown back in time along with Kayano and Karma by an invention that their former classmates Itona and Ritsu helped make under the supervision of a man sent by the government aka Karasuma. The machine still has a few things that need to be worked out so on their way back after testing it they end up in the w...

  • Back in Time, to save our teacher( assassination classroom fanfic)
    5.6K 157 11

    After 7 years Nagisa is given the opportunity to go back in time and save korosensei. Okuda had come up with a potion to stop Korosensei from blowing up only 7 years late... Itona had come up the machinery to send them back. Class E must chose two people to go back in order to save their beloved sensei. Disclaimer: P...

  • Back in time to Black Butler
    83.6K 2.7K 27

    Annabell is a huge black butler fan, but she most certainly wouldn't fit into the Victorian age. She is a bit of a rebel,high tempered with a short fuse, and knows how to use her fists. This type of woman wouldn't be called a woman in that era. Never the less she loves black butler and will do anything to live in that...

  • Shinobi ( Killua Zoldyck gets sucked in Naruto )
    5.8K 223 4

    Killua Zoldyck, presumed heir of the Zoldyck Estate and Assassination Family, had just ran away after everything went wrong at the Hunter Exam's Final. His brother had tormented him into killing another participant, and he fled as soon as possible. His original intent was to go 'home' and face the sure to follow wrath...

  • A Demon among Titans
    92.8K 2.5K 45

    Attack on Titan x modern half demon reader (Y/n) has a secret unlike any other. Before wall Maria was attacked they kept their secret well. But one mission their demonic nature showed. They banished themselves outside the wall with only her music to keep her sane. Who knew they would be found 10 years later. Updates...

  • A Hunters Trip To The Past
    65 11 2

    First I would like to say this was requested by @JustaReader16739 and came up with the idea of me writing a HunterxHunter time travel book. So you guys know the Chimera Arc? Of course you do. Well in this book they didn't win. All hell broke loose and it got so bad that Hisoka joined their group. Gon, Killua, Allu...

  • Naruto HunterxHunter Fanfic
    107K 3.3K 30

    A 13 year-old Killua Zoldyck's aniki, Illumi, commits murder in the village of Konohagakure. Illumi escapes, but on Killua's way to stop his brother, he gets caught by Hidden Leaf ninja. Taken back to the village, people are suspicious of him and nobody trusts him either. They don't sense much from him, but something...

  • Hunter x Assassination
    18.3K 633 13

    Just when Killua thought he could keep his baby sister safe in another world, things get a bit shaken up. Now he has to help a bunch of annoying brats in killing an equally annoying octopus before the world blows up. Killua really has his hands full, doesn't he? (The cover does not belong to me. I wish it did, though...

  • •-Portals- Hunter x Hunter/ Naruto Crossover-•
    3.5K 119 5

    Saskue and Naruto are walking along a path that only they were capable for the mission they were sent on, But what they don't know is that Orochimaru is following. What will Naruto and Saskue do when a portal appears out of nowhere and transports the two into Greed island where they meet Gon and Killua? How will they...

  • Assassination X Classroom
    5.2K 248 19

    Watching Assasination Classroom got me thinking, if teenagers are learning how to become assassins, why not add a teenager who's already an assasin 😋 and his cute, green friend 🎣, not baby Yoda people. Also all the characters and cover photo are not mine, neither will/do I ever claim them to be.

  • Hxh and Assassination Classroom crossover (Hiatus)
    15.7K 836 18

    Killua was in a new world and, soon enough, enrolled in a school out of boredom. He would've been placed in one of the top classes, but was immediately degraded into E class after failing the writing portions. There he meets a yellow octopus who destroyed the moon into a permanent crescent moon, and his fellow student...

  • I'm stuck in Attack on Titan
    77.4K 2.8K 30

    The story has been changed Multiple times. I don't like it, it's pretty cringey, but some people did like it so it's going back up after editing it again.

  • stuck in aot.. wait .. WHAT ?!?
    6.3K 183 9

    Have you ever wondered , how life would be in a anime ? no!? well that is the dream of Liz , our main character. Liz is a normal person with a normal life...pfftt ! who am i kidding ? she is anything but normal . With a weird obsession for anime and unnatural white hair (not to mention the little crazy side of her) an...

  • Trapped in the World of Black Butler
    1K 46 2

    My name is Keko. I have black hair and purple eyes. My mom died in a car accident 3 years ago. My dad is very nice and my brother and him are the last family I have left. My best friend is Cyri. I've known her for most of my life and we are like sisters. She has black hair and green eyes. Her dad is abusive and her m...

  • Batman and Red Hood
    1.7K 51 6

    Batman is a Crime Fighter, but he can't take care of all of it by himself, so he calls up former Robin (A.K.A Jason Todd), Red Hood for some help in Gotham. Red Hood declines, but eventually decides to help Batman! (Mini-Book)

  • Spreading Forgotten Wings - A Jason Todd Fanfiction
    4.9K 142 7

    "I've had a messed up life. I don't know what I am. A mercenary, a bounty hunter, a vigilante. But I'm not a hero" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is an original story created by yours truly. Warning time travel is present in this story. Confusion may arise. I give credit to who ever made this cover. I do not own Red...

  • A Titan Gamer on the Attack
    44.8K 758 12

    Hi everybody I've got a good story about Attack on Titan Oc gamer I've also only seen one but that's about to change I'm going to stick is close to the original main storyline as possible with my own twists and Turns please comment on what think of in each chapter so I can maybe make it better for future chapters A/n:...

  • Jae:The demigod gamer
    54.7K 980 8

    A teen wakes up to find himself in the Percy Jackson World as a video game. I wonder how it will all turn out. forgive me for any mistakes or miss spelled words. I DON'T OWN PECY JACKSON OR ANY OTHER ANIME OR VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS OR MOVES

  • Merthur - How to court a servant
    50.1K 2K 12

    Arthur is madly in love with his manservant, Merlin. Of course, he sucks at love in general, and have to ask his friends 6900 words

  • Levi The Cat
    89.4K 3.9K 7

    Hanji's experiment may or may not have caused Captain Levi to turn into a cat. [No part of this story may be reproduced in any way without my written permission]

    Completed   Mature