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  • The freaking zombie apocalypse. (Boyxboy)
    137K 6.9K 24

    Roderick is an unlucky 17 years old guy with an uncanny ability of finding survivors in the zombie apocalypse. He tried to survive alone which is not an easy task. That is until he meets a certain survivor who doesn't seem to be taking the apocalypse seriously. Still, Roderick sticks around because somehow, they're st...

  • Temperature
    2.1K 190 20

    #1 in #yaoilemon WARNING, contains heavy mature sexual content and self-harm. "I can't go there... It's an impossibility. It cannot happen. I inhale. My wrists burn. And there he is, mere age of 21, a child compared to my 28. But he is everything; he is the heat, the coldness, the sun, the rain. Izuna, Izuna, Izuna...

    Completed   Mature
  • Birds of Prey
    933 90 10

    Tobirama x Izuna. Alternative timeline. Angst and steam. Cover art is drawn by me.

    Completed   Mature
  • Encore
    808 83 10

    #2 in ItaShi Shisui x Itachi, in modern universe. Shisui and Itachi attend the same university. Itachi looks up to Shisui like the socially adept sweetheart that he is, while Itachi is a drawn-back model student who has never been in love. Loads of fluff and feel-good. Warning: Mature sexual content, strong languag...

    Completed   Mature
  • 30 Day OTP Challenge [ShiIta]
    19.8K 692 14

    [Shisui x Itachi] Expect fluff, smut, the occasional goofiness, maybe some angst, but mostly these dorks being adorable together. I've labelled the ones having Mature Content as [M]. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any media kept here unless stated otherwise. Cover art is mine. Enjoy ~ Day 1- Holding hands Day 2...

  • Molly Mae's Glory Days
    1.5K 87 14

    New York Times best-selling author Molly Mae Scardiaccione was the youngest author to ever snag the coveted #1 spot on the Young Adult Hotlist. Or so that's what Google tells her when she types her name in the search bar. But Molly Mae doesn't *feel* like the same girl who serendipitously delivered a cappuccino and a...

  • Barcelona Bound- {Mayari Rising Book 2}
    1.2K 138 14

    |The sequel to Melting Love| 📍The squad is back and ready to venture out of Seattle on their quest to track down Layla's mysterious father. ✈️ Where will they journey to first?

  • I, One and Only
    114 33 16

    A collection of poems. Please be aware that this book contains sensitive content such as gore, police violence, abuse, mental illness, racism, strong language, eating disorders and derealisation/depersonalisation. Be sure to listen to yourself and practice self-care whenever necessary.

  • Rejected (BoyxBoy)
    174K 5.7K 23

    I thought my life was great and wonderful because I was fortunate enough to live and appreciate this world. This beautiful world we live in. I thought that everything would fall into place as I always wanted it to be. And one of those things were to be with my destined mate who was supposed to love me and I to him. ...