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  • Don't
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    You moved to Boston to prove to your family and friends that you could make it on your own. However it was proving harder then you thought it would be, being a waitress was not paying your bills and you were struggling to make ends meet. Chris is a well known regular at your diner, but the lead waitress always gets t...

  • X-Men/Marvel/Hellboy imagines/headcanons/ x readers
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    A few X-Men thoughts I came up with, mostly headcanons and a few oneshots from time to time, put a few Avengers headcanons in here too (mainly Peter because I love him) And now, a bit of Hellboy & Co. too, because we're all sluts for superheroes

  • Dirty Marvel Pick-Up Lines
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    Have a crush but don't know how to approach them or want to be as cool as Tony Stark? Then you've come to the right place! Check out these pick-up lines and get all the ladies/men. - A hint of dirtiness (obviously). These pick-up lines are not mine unless told so. Cover made by me; No one has permission to use it...

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    "don't fail me psycho" . { the first book written on this account, excuse any spelling or editing mistakes : first written 6/18/15 }