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  • The Love of a Naga Master and a Pure Hearted Angel
    14.9K 531 39

    Hello, my name is Yami Sennen. I am a Naga master and the owner of a popular five star hotel called Sennen's Marriott as well as four other places, including an apartment building called the Naga 16 in Tokyo. My story tells how I met a young boy named Yugi Moto at my hotel after finding out my girlfriend Awai Katami c...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Had To Be You
    64.3K 1.8K 13

    Just before sixth-year begins, Harry is assaulted by Horace Slughorn. Once this happens, the most unlikely person saves him - Severus Snape. In the wake of this, not all is as it seems, and Harry must work hard to figure out why it is always him, and that desire, no matter how unorthodox, is the key to finding love.

    Completed   Mature
  • Drarry - A cute beginning (and a smutty ending)
    373K 9.8K 5

    Super cute and fluffy fan-fiction following Draco and Harry as they slowly fall for each other. Gets a li'l smutty A/N: This was my first ever fanfic that I wrote purely for myself as a testing-the-water-thing. While I am extremely happy for entering this new world (for me!) of fanfic, this particular story reads like...

  • Potions Proffesor (Short Story)
    13.3K 384 6

    Fanfiction of Harry Potter, I do not own it. Credit goes to J.K Rowling for creating such a masterpiece. This is a fanfiction and is not the real (partly sadly) so please don't take anything you don't agree with siriusly. READ THE BOOK First Harry Potter fan fic do dont judge i suck at grammar and the other stuff so...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Can Only Love You [Yandere! Fallen Angel X Reader]
    54K 1.8K 37

    "You're Mine, Y/n... and I will do so much more to get you!" What will happen if fate tangled you with a creature; a fallen angel that going crazy over you? Will you blame your fate, or accept it? "Let's us fall into this sin, this so called forbidden love as I can only love you." [This is my first story. All picture...

  • A Nekos Mate (SLOW UPDATES)
    84.5K 2.2K 100

    Harry goes through his creature inheritance while at the Dursleys and finds out some interesting to find out Updates will be a bit slow because I am in college and it has been a bit stressful for me.

  • An Ally
    382K 14.7K 33

    What happens when Voldemort discovers he has another horcrux he doesn't know about-and that its vessel is hurting itself to feel emotion again? Why, send him a magical journal so they can talk, of course. After all, everyone needs an ally. Warnings: abuse rape Tomarry SLASH TMR/HP TR/HP LV/HP Sub/Dom Sub!harry Dom!Tom...

    Completed   Mature
  • Froy Gutierrez | Imagines
    10.7K 142 5

    no longer updating ♡

  • Quench (Yandere! Vampire X FemReader)
    240K 5.9K 14

    (Y/N) is a average girl who lived by herself at the time. Her parents are studying abroad and her brother is at college. He visits a few times a year, but not that often. (Y/N) is currently transferring to Hokkaidō High School. Who knows what might happen.. Read to find out more

  • My Soft Psycho
    92.8K 3.9K 43

    There is a type of fish, called a Betta fish. They are small and come in different colors, wonderful to keep as beginner pets for small children who want to experience what it is like to have a pet. But the catch is you need to keep them separated. Why? Because Betta's are ferocious fish that kill each other the momen...

  • His little boy
    377K 10.6K 43

    This is a DDLB story (Daddy Dom, Little Boy) If you don't know what that is, you should look it up. Keep your hate to yourself, if you aren't a fan of what this is, don't read it. Thank you. -------- Chris Hayden and James Potter... This is their story. This is NOT a harry potter fanfic. I just liked the named James...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Little Pup (Boyxboy)
    1.4M 36.6K 36

    This story is about a father and son loving each other more then father and son. Travis Stephen, age 35 is the single father of Patrick Stephen. He and his wolf have been feel a pull to their son after a woman got pregnant after a one night stand. He's been a great father to Patrick. Travis is the Alpha of the Crescen...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Daddy | First Book [18+]
    992K 20.8K 34

    "Kyle! This isn't right! Let go of me!" I snap - attitude surging through me before I can think twice. His hand is feeling my entire torso without regard; rough and strong as he palms my crotch with the other - making me hard almost instantly at the contact. The rush of blood to my cock makes me dizzy and confused as...

  • My 18th Birthday
    54.1K 311 8

    "Stoopid, stoopid, stoooooopid," I was so angry with myself for letting it happen. I was rapping my knuckles on my forehead, shouting and scowling at myself because I just couldn't believe how stupid I'd been. I know I'm not the brightest person in the world but I should have caught on sooner and I wouldn't be in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Love of a Slave (Snarry)
    34.5K 842 11

    Harry lost the war, instead of killing him, Voldemort took him and all his friends and beat them into submission, and well, making them Slaves. Will Harry be his normal self again? *Warning: Mentions of Rape*

    Completed   Mature
  • His Baby Boy (BDSM) (ManxMan) ✔️
    3.4M 107K 46

    Jesse Morris was a shy 25 year old who worked down the street from Janvier Inc. Hal Janvier was a powerful man who knew what he wanted and how to get it. Once he sets his eyes on Jesse, the attraction is instant. He knew that the shy man would be his perfect Baby Boy. His Prince. His Little. (BDSM) (DDLB) (Daddy Do...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped By My Loving Master
    48K 797 13

    This story is a Daddy and Little. Although​ the title says master. The master insists on being called daddy inside the house. The teen has a huge lust for his neighbor Elliott. One day Elliott decides he wants him to himself. WARNING//This will contain abusiveness-Sexual Content- Please enjoy.

  • My Girlfriend's Brother {ᴅᴅʟʙ}
    2.8M 81.1K 41

    'Javi is a lonely little that never had a caregiver before. He plans to tell his first girlfriend. He meets her mean older brother in the way.' ° ° ° ★°• °• ••°° •°°•° °••°° •°•☆ ×ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇ×

  • Buying a Neko and Falling for Him
    11K 426 23

    BOYXBOY Stolen from a life he loved, ripped away from everything and then discard like nothing Suke has been taken once again into someones custody but this time its different. He is given something precious as well as choices he never had before.. Follow the MATURE story of a Neko and Vampire in a twisted world. A sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's feminine prince (kinda bXb)
    908K 18K 38

    Sam is 17 still in high school while Eric is 25 and is the boss of a big organization with construction! Eric is rich Sam is poor DDLB A little smut Half way mature :P What will happen when these two boys cross paths?

  • Dragon And Mates- MxMxMxM
    34.1K 1.7K 10

    Book 3. Can be read as a standalone. Do expect twins scenes too so, don't read if you're not comfortable. You won't lose anything if you don't read it. But don't just read just to say that it's weird and all May have some mature scenes but NO SEX SCENES ..... Chris Davis is an adopted pure omega who has now a perfect...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Chance (bxb/ddlb)
    298K 8.5K 13

    Attention: NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS, I REPEAT, NOT FOR GRAMMAR FREAKS or people who likes to correct mistakes. Sorry but it just ruins my fun to write. ... [A spin off of Finding Love. There's no need to read the first book] Warning: DDLB BOOK! This is a ddlb book. If you don't like this kind of book, don't read it in...

  • A Creature Inheritance That Changes Everything
    38.5K 1K 6

    I don't own Harry Potter, it belongs to JK Rowling and the pictures aren't mine either, they all belong to their rightful owners. Description: Harry Potter goes into a creature inheritance that he never knew about. The truth come out and families reunite. Harry has always knew pain from others and himself, either phy...

  • Daddy Alpha{Rewritting}
    101K 2.8K 17

    Completed   Mature
  • My Protector (BxM) [DISCONTINUED]
    267K 6.9K 30

    Shawties this is so bad i started it so long ago i can't finish it lmao Cole was born into an awful family, he was an only child, or so he thought. The catch was his parents had been running a business of auctioning off young boys and girls once they were the age of 18. Coles parents were highly abusive Leaving cuts a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Little Prince
    401K 15.5K 34

    Every daddy that Kellin has had has treated him badly, and when his newest dom leaves him out on the streets he thinks that no daddy would ever want someone as worthless as him but what happens when he decides to join a dd/lb chat room will he finally find his perfect daddy and his knight in shining armour. Vic's bee...

    Completed   Mature
  • Needed [DDLB]
    742K 20.9K 41

    ** WARNING: This is getting re-written as of September of 2020. Far overdue... ** It's 2057 and the world is everything but the same as it was. The world we had known is long forgotten now, the supernatural has taken over almost completely and unnatural recurrences are now natural as air. The states / countries / et...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Little too Realistic Acting Role [Junta x Takato ]
    24.3K 757 38

    Takato suggests a acting position that will be the supporting role to him to Junta in the J- drama, Affair, problem is the other supporting rule belongs to Ayagi. Things happen and Junta is more Jealous, Ayagi is more bold then ever, and Narumiya has heavy family issues, and Takato is more confused as he works out th...

  • Taming the major
    352K 8.2K 33

    Elizabeth Storm, a free spirit, believes her life is officially over once she has to move to the middle of nowhere. Little does she know that her true life is just about to begin when she finds her self drawn to a certain reserved Cullen. It gets worse when the barely tamed vampire becomes inevitably smitten by the lo...

  • My Omega (Erwin x Levi)
    95.2K 1.8K 9

    Completed   Mature