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  • Resident evil 2 Mr. X x Reader (Discontinued)
    25.5K 371 8

    You may have already read the title, so this is gonna be a Mr. X x Reader story.

  • Still Here Years Later - [Leon Kennedy x Reader]
    19.8K 568 14

    [Sequel to "I'm Inside The Game?!] 6 years ago I found myself sucked into the game of my favorite franchise, Resident Evil. But much later I found out I was stuck here so I remained. It's not all that bad Leon and I are actually dating, we're also partners for the DSO. Whatever horror awaits us while we attempt to sa...

  • I'm In The Game?! - [Leon Kennedy x Reader]
    65.2K 1.8K 10

    You've been a fan of the Resident Evil series for years, after waiting months for the new remake you finally get it. But just as you were going to play it for the first time you pass out and sometime later find yourself waking up inside the game! Joining forces with Leon, Claire and Sherry you fight your way out of th...

  • Resident evil One shots
    709K 14.3K 210

    This is mainly gonna be Wesker, Leon, Jake, Chris and Piers

    Completed   Mature