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  • Angelic
    1.2M 16K 8

    Previously named 'My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model'. Being the daughter Hollywood's golden couple is tough. Pristine Ferro should know. People always wondered how she lacked even the slightest hint of charm, talent, or good looks that her parents possesses. To the eyes of a stranger, she is nothing but an...

  • Those Eyes | joshifer au [DISCONTINUED]
    62.3K 1.7K 15

    Josh remembers when they first met. And when they meet again years into the future, he knows it was her. He could recognise those eyes anywhere. Jennifer feels like she knows Josh, but she hasn't a clue where. Now best of friends, Josh and Jen start questioning their feelings for each other- especially when the whole...

  • Falling For A Fallen
    17.5K 481 21

    I'm Nyala Garmound. A Nephal. What's that you ask? Simply the result, when a fallen angel lusts a human woman. Now, I'm stuck in a place called Calambria, where there are others like me. Even so, I couldn't feel any more left out and out of place. To make matters worse, after a failed attempt to escape, I ended up stu...

  • Fallen Allegiance
    741K 10.1K 30

    [OLD VERSION] [NOT EDITED] Morgana was satisfied living her normal life on Earth, until one night she was pulled into a parallel universe. Surrounded by strange and wonderful creatures, Morgana is forced to adapt to her new life, whilst the lies coiled around her old life are slowly unravelled. Her future is uncertai...