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  • Cafe Book Club {Open + Need Members}
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    Hello! I'm Josephine, and welcome to the Cafe Book Club! Come inside for a hot drink and some new fans! Here at the Cafe Book Club, you get to enjoy sweet treats as you read and review books! Come on in!

  • Fandom one-shots
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    Songs I thought fit different characters from things such as Miraculous Ladybug, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, and more.

  • A Basic Guide to Fangirlnese (Language of Fangirls)
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    This is a guide to the language of fangirls, fangirlnese. If you want to see understand it more and speak it fluently, this is the book for you! This book will include, -the fangirl alphabet -Your fangirl nickname and side -Types of fangirls -How to control your fangirl side -How to identify fangirls -Symbols and em...

  • Random Stuff (Memes, Photography, Short Stories, Rants, and More)
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    The title!! *jazz hands and points to the title* Many different stuff will be here like random stuff on my camera roll to free up storage (*cough* fandom memes), photography, short one-shots, contest stuff, art I make, fanart, poetry, and other stuff. Cover credit to @crayonowl!!!