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  • Coltar #01 - The Prophecy - [Pokémon Fan-Fiction]
    1.9K 127 123

    The year is 1988 and tensions between the North and South are increasing on a daily basis. The fire at Marsten Hall was the final straw in the relations between these powers. A year later James, living in occupied Northern Coltar, is forced to face his fate as a new political climate grips the island. A new Captain...

  • Coltar #02 - The Fallen - [Pokémon Fan-Fiction]
    15 0 1

    After saving Clarence's life and defeating his biggest enemy yet, James starts to settle down in his new life as a Rustok Cohnen Kek. However, the danger has only just begun, and the prophecy's pieces are starting to move into place. What will happen when James's life becomes unstable once again? Will he cope with Sou...