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  • The One and Only ( Male reader x MLP EG Harem )
    57.9K 498 19

    I was inspired by two authors that made their own story about this and so I thought to do it myself as well

  • Fem Creepypasta X Male Outcast Venomized Reader
    36K 323 13

    When you were just a 6 years old your family was killed by a mysterious group that calls themselves the Red Dragon overcome with grief and hatred and Revenge meet a symbiote and you become venom because you trusted no one after what the Red Dragon did you became an outcast among your peers but you attracted an interes...

  • The Only King (RWBY x Betrayed Soon to be Lich King Male Reader)
    117K 2K 31

    Ner'Zhul has been bound in the Frozen Throne for too long but he is just waiting for his champion to be born in the world of Remnant. The Legends about The Lich King spread throughout remnant from legends to kid stories. And Finally, Y/N has been born and The Lich King's powers is started to fade away but his sword ha...

  • LOVE AND SADNESS Male saiyan destroyer x dxd
    216K 2K 35

    You are God from universe 14 Who has a background of sadness and destruction Harem story Hope you like it this is my first story

    Completed   Mature
  • A Certain Supernatural Accelerator //Highschool DxD x Accelerator male reader//
    194K 3.3K 34

    A transfer student arrives at Kuoh academy part way through the year. He is oblivious to the supernatural and attracts the attention of a specific red head. But while this transfer student remains unaware of the forces housed in Kuoh, he understands his own power. A Highschool DxD story including the Esper abilities...

  • A New life In Highschool DxD(Hiatus)
    259K 3.6K 32

    Zayne is a typical 18-year's-old otaku, who died due to God's mistake and was given a second chance to live while having some abilities with him.

  • HighSchool DXD: Rise Of The Sea Emperor
    112K 1.1K 34

    He is not the welder of the heavenly dragon Ddraig, but the welder of the heavenly emperor god of the ocean. He is not a devil he is the leviathan, and a MMA campion that will rise to bring glory to the beast name. But he is also the lost prince of Atlantis who is the chosen one to take the trident of the king of Atla...

  • K then...
    332K 5.2K 75

    Dying from a cliché and transferred to a familiar world (Male reader x harem) OP malereader, Some genderbended characters, AU dxd, Monster Hunter elements

  • High school Dxd:The Dragon God Of The Unkown.
    151K 1.5K 32

    Terror and agony could be seen,the plead of mercy fell on death ears as the blood and flesh he smell and taste is ever sweet as he lay destruction in every step he takes as he is forgotten through the passage of time that is until. Preview: ????:your blood shall be the atonement for your sins. ????:I am the mystery sh...

  • Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Rider Build: The Genius Hero (Male Reader Insert)
    277K 4.8K 69

    In the World of Heroes and Villains, Y/N L/N is a boy who was all alone, he has no parents, he did everything alone and he was fine with it... But what happens when Y/N encounters a cafe by the name of... "Nascita". This is the story of a Young Kamen Rider becoming 1 of the greatest heroes in the world!!!

  • Hollow gamer (Highschool dxd x male reader)
    283K 3.6K 16

    Y/n L/n, typical delinquent with issues against anyone and anything, then he was killed.... Now, reincarnated by God of the Bible and God of Spirts, Y/n navigates through the world of Highschool DxD, learning how to live a better life, make friends, and passing tests.... That's excluding the fighting, love interests...

  • No strings on me... (Male Ultron Reader x RWBY)
    200K 2.2K 17

    This has been a story in the back of my head for a while now... now beware I WILL have to kill off certain characters and adjust the story for this story to work... I don't own RWBY or make any kind of claim to (By EclipseTheHybrid292)

  • Izuku's Quirk
    439K 6.8K 32

    Izuku is still bullied until the day when Bakugo tells Izuku to swan dive off the roof. He does but doesn't die then wakes up with some... changes. I don't own Boku no Hero Academia, any of its characters or anything like that. I'm just a guy who's bored and likes to write. Also over time he becomes really OP Izuku. H...

  • A bizarre life (Male stand user reader x massive crossover)
    107K 1.1K 14

    "Yare yare, these women are annoying..." -Y/n Joestar (Massive crossover) (Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine)

  • The Slime Of DxD {Male Reader}
    133K 2.2K 10

    (Y/N) is a normal boy attending Kuoh Academy, Apart from the fact he's a slime. *sigh* Join (Y/N), or yourself really, on the adventure of a slifetime. Making friends and possible lovers, beating up certain perverts, getting stronger and who knows you might just end up saving the world! Emphasis on the might. #1 in #...

  • The Dark One (Highschool DxD)
    155K 2.3K 38

    Born Human to a mother who died while giving birth to you. You father didn't take it well abandoning you at the hospital. Dropped off at a orphanage, until a man comes looking for something in which he kills and destroys anything in his way. When a shadows appears before you, offering a deal... (takes place after seas...

  • Cosmic Dragon Emperor
    389K 5.2K 55

    Y/N L/N left at the steps of an orphanage on a starlit sky night. At a young age, he was picked on and make fun of by the other kids at the orphanage. Little does he know that a star within him began to plow awakening the heavenly dragon of the cosmos. 100k view: July 06, 2019 300k views: October 22, 2020 Season 1: Ch...

  • A Normal Day... | Monster Girls X Male Reader
    287K 3.7K 20

    Monster girls, everywhere. You were just a normal dude. 18 years old, good job, nice house. But what happens when you throw monster girls into the mix? One day you get a call from an Agent Smith, and your life is turned upside down. Hope you enjoy :)

  • Reincarnated As A Demon's Wife
    721K 35.3K 53

    Zariyah Silverglaze is a reincarnated person, and as the cliche death accident, she died when she was hit by a truck. She was reincarnated in a world of sword and magic. When her magic was tested, she was deemed as a trash for having a F Rank Mana. During the thirteen birthday of the crown prince of the Kingdom of Kl...

  • Extremely OP male reader x highschool DxD
    124K 958 11

    You are the most strongest thing EVER in the world of highschool dxd Let's see what the hell happens when a situation like this occurs

  • Male Reader x DBZ Girls
    137K 710 15

    Please give me suggestions

  • More than just a weakling.
    117K 2.1K 30

    This is a male reader insert x Dragon ball girls story. The story follows a earthling who wants to prove he can surpass even the strongest warriors through training. to prove once and for all that even earthlings can be the strongest!

  • Reader x female goku
    131K 1K 48

    Just got bored and started to write. Hope you enjoy. You are a male chacter who is having problems until Well if you want to know you have to read the story I also don't own any pictures I use and don't own dbs. So please no sueing. Also if this story sound familiar is because I get inspiration from other stories. H...

  • Abused Goku Black Reader x Female Broly
    122K 1.4K 34

    I mean if you want a story description, read the story to figure that out heheh. I don't own any of the content of Dragon ball, Dragon ball z, Dragon ball gt, or Dragon ball super. Also the arts are made from different creators and not me!

  • Android 18 X Male Reader: A Second Chance
    157K 2.1K 33

    Ruin. Terror. Carnage. There were a variety of words like those that could fit into the description of this world. And it all thanks to Androids. All the powerful fighters have fallen with ease to the hands of these malicious fiends. They truly were the most vile creatures that you could ever encounter at this time. B...

  • Female Goku X Male Saiyan Reader: Love of a Saiyan (continued AGAIN)
    110K 1.2K 46

    EDIT: I apologize if the beginning seems like shit, guys. I was kinda in a "eh" state of mind and I was very unmotivated. But as this story progressed, I became more and more motivated to write it. Especially after reading some other fantastic books on here which sparked my enthusiasm to write this book. Hello everyon...

  • Female Goku X Male Reader: Love a Saiyan (Continued)
    45.3K 363 9

    Y'all thought I'd start over? Yeah right! To the ones who haven't seen the first book, I put it in the first chapter so you guys know what's going on.

  • From Wimpy Mortal to an Almighty Deity
    150K 1.8K 30

    Y/n L/n, an average student in Kuoh Academy. But he is not your average student. Having banished and neglected from his universe because of being very powerless against them except for four people and they are Son Goku, Whis, Beerus and Kaioshin. He was also neglected by everyone around him and overall he is just a wi...

  • Broken Faith
    207K 2K 32

    After being neglected and betrayed by his best friend Issei Hyoudou and rejected by Rias Gremory, Y/n was enraged and vows to himself that no matter what happens, he will kill him along with his master, Rias Gremory. The question is, will he be successful to kill them or the opposite will happen? Time will tell. This...

  • The Fox god (op kitsune male reader x Highschool dxd)
    372K 5.1K 39

    A force all of the factions trapped away. But he's back and better than ever. But he's not full of hatred. He just wants to have fun.