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  • Tamanna Dil Ki..(Hinglish)
    853 108 9

    .❤He came closer to me took me over the stage and said "you know today is that date when i saw you I used to follow you, tum kaise choti Choti cheejo mai Khushi dhundti ho, you know the real value of love, Maine Tumse he seeka hai kaise khud ko khud kai Kabil banana hai, I am here proposing you in front of everyone...

  • Lucifer's Fall [The Fallen Chronicles - Book 1]
    1.2M 57.7K 48

    Highest Ranking: #1 Love and #1 Evil "What are you doing?" I managed to get out. "What do you want me to do?" he purred. "Release me?" Lucifer's lips played along the sensitive skin behind my ear. "That's a question, little angel. One that even you're not sure of." His husky voice brushed down my spine like sensual fu...

  • Barely Engaged (ONC 2019)
    210 45 13

    Round 3 Long List for the Open Novella Contest Party planning doesn't have to be personal. If anyone knows that, it's Samantha Hall. She's been successful in the Event Planning business without ever getting emotionally involved. It's how she likes it. With no one else to take care of a job, Samantha is forced to face...

  • It Starts With A Slap.
    7.7K 1.1K 36

    Scarlett Jensen, a tough girl who has closed herself up because of her childhood nightmares moves to Mayville after some tragic news. Her new life isn't easy especially after she slaps the famous, bad boy of the school: Trevor Lockhart. But instead of getting a revenge on her like any bad boy would, Trevor comes up w...