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  • i only feel you
    73.6K 1.6K 12

    A world in which soulmates feel their other half, physically and emotionally. Y/N has yet to find her soulmate, yet to decipher the sensations he feels and the lifestyle he leads-prompting her to give up on him altogether. Her other half, she'd come to find, is the leader of the Holland crime family, and in no means t...

    Completed   Mature
  • tom holland/peter parker imagines
    108K 2.1K 17

    imagines about tom holland and his rendition of our favorite spider boy, peter parker.

  • Tom Holland ❖ imagines
    47.5K 681 8

    one shots x imagines for tom holland content is permitted for ages 13+ | reader discretion advised | im not writing these specifically for smut but if it gets in there oops i warned you [labeled nsfw] requests appreciated, but no personal requests will be permitted. I own and take creative and directive responsibilit...

  • tom holland & peter parker fics
    8K 183 11

    just some fluffy, angsty and overall cute writing about the british boy from southwest london & sticky boy from queens new york

  • Tom Holland & Peter Parker Imagines
    81.8K 1.7K 26

    A selection of fluffy/angsty Peter Parker and Tom Holland x reader imagines off of my blog @Hollandroos Please read the warnings on each imagine before reading them and enjoy!

  • a light heart in heavy hands [boxer!tom]
    10.1K 318 7

    she is new to the city to live out her talent. he is struggling to create a career for himself. she is in the studio till the sun sets on the horizon. he is up at the crack of dawn to start his training. both get back to their small studio apartments with walls that seem hollow, only to get no sleep from wanting to...