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  • LY Awards 2020
    9.8K 643 35

    》Open✔》 Extented till February Last week. 》 Judging ✔ Love yourself Awards 2020 This is the first awards that we are conducting, This account is specially created for awards and please give us all your support! And yes, the title of the Awards is based on BTS's Album, we want to express our love to BTS and all the pe...

  • The 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓃 Awards 2020 🌜
    12.8K 760 18

    [OPEN] highest rank #1 on #entry Welcome to the 2020 Moon Awards, if u wish to participate please submit the form or pm for more informations! All the good luck to the amazing writers participating, GreenAlaskas

    2.7K 304 24


  • Tower Contest 2020
    4.2K 412 18

    Open ( yes ) Closed ( ... ) This is for all of the undiscovered writers, undiscovered romance stories and every other genre including random and LGBTQ+. I want YOU to think about these things before entering: Are you honest with yourself and others? if yes, how much? For example, do you tell them the truth even if it...

  • The Chaos Awards 8!
    6.5K 496 30

    Welcome to The Chaos Awards 8! I hope we can all have another great contest together! Feel free to participate if this interests you! All information you'll need is inside! Please message me directly with another further questions!

  • Red Cupid Awards 2019 (Open)
    6.6K 762 26

    Highest Ranking. #1- Contest #37- awards REDCUPIDAWARDS!!! Enter here!!! We appreciate authors for their creative work. Get discovered for your talents by applying here!!! [√]Open [] closed [] Closed for judging

  • THE CREATIVE AWARDS 2019 | Fourth Edition
    10.2K 796 19

    [X] OPEN [ ] CLOSED FOR JUDGING [ ] COMPLETE Whether you're from the Third edition awards or a new participant, welcome on board! In The Creative Awards (now in the Fourth edition!), we aim for writers that are not getting the recognition they deserve and try our best to support their stories!

  • The Crystal Quartz Awards
    5.6K 554 20

    🖑🖑 Welcome to our Awards! Do you have less than 10k reads? Do you want to be discovered, get more reads, and get awarded for your hard work??? Look no further! 🔮🔮💎💎 Make sure you read the rules before you enter. We hope you have fun! 🌟🌟🌟 Hosts @brooke_saylor85 @GoldenHour21 @sorenavit

    7.8K 688 13

    The Wanderlust AWARDS ARE HERE! A place where your book gets more popular and more recognized!! Want your book to get known? Or want to get friendly criticism and helpful feedbacks? You found out the right place! An award where everyone is welcome! So inscribe yourself along with your book now! Open [✓] Seats compl...

  • The Duck Awards {Judging}
    3.6K 194 15

    { } Open {X} Judging { } Closed Do you ever feel like your book has that spark, that thing about it, that makes it the greatest story ever? Is your beloved story underappreciated and looked over? If so, you've come to the right place! The Duck Awards is designed to give every author a fair chance at having their book...

  • Grand Café Awards 2020 || OPEN ||
    18.4K 1.3K 22

    [☕] Open [ ] Judging [ ] Closed WELCOME to the first-ever Grand Café Awards!! To put it simply: 20 Categories. 1000 entries. 100 winners. OPEN for Entries OPEN for Judges ° Action ° Adventure ° Fantasy ° Fanfiction ° Science Fiction ° General °Historical ° Paranormal ° Horror ° Humor ° Mystery ° Thriller °...

  • The Freedom Awards 2019-2020 (NEED JUDGES)
    27.5K 1.5K 39


  • THE RAINBOW AWARDS 2019-20 (Closed For Judging)
    4.7K 284 24

    Welcome to the Rainbow Awards 2019-20. This year is going to be amazing, don't you all think? Is your story unique, creative and amazing? Does your book don't have many reads and votes? Then this awards is for you. Take part in our awards if you want your book to be recognised. (Closed)

  • Punk Rock Awards 2019
    6.3K 463 31

    Welcome to our first annual Punk Rock Awards, proudly hosted by @PrettyInPunkBookClub! Are you Punk enough to enter? #Awards now closed for judging#

  • Brewing Flair Awards 2019 [JUDGING]
    9.1K 569 26

    OPEN () JUDGING (✓) CLOSED ( ) Welcome to the Brewing Flair Awards 2019! Are you a new writer, struggling to find exposure? Are you someone who loves to write and wants to improve their writing? Look no further, for Brewing Flair Community brings to you the second edition of the multi genre annual award! Brewing Flair...

  • vintage awards [closed]
    6.7K 488 26

    -lower case intended- status: closed

  • The Cosmic Awards 2019 Edition
    23.5K 955 11

    Have you ever felt that your work is undiscovered, and underrated? That you deserve to win or atleast that you aren't a shitty writer? In the Cosmic Awards [2019 Edition] it is our duty to unveil the beauty within the undiscovered and discovered gems, and crown the glorious author with all the jewels they deserve. Ou...

  • The Mint Awards 2019
    13K 763 21

    [] Open [🌵] Closed [🌵] Judging ✮ Welcome to The Mint Awards 2019! If you're looking for a place where you can win prizes, advertise your stories, and just have a whole lot of fun, you've come to the right place! Being small authors ourselves, we know what it's like to want to be discovered. These awards are ge...